The Future of Everything (Wearable Europe 2020)

Ms Terrie Smith, Co-founder
United Kingdom

Presentation Summary

NFC-enabled Passive Wearables present a new frontier of living. With technical capabilities integrated into simple, everyday devices and weaved seamlessly into our day-to-day lives, we can begin paying, accessing, identifying and promoting, with simply a tap. With different combinations of functionalities in different wearables, the possibilities are endless.

Speaker Biography (Terrie Smith)

Terrie is a co-founder of DIGISEQ. She recently obtained the 2019 IET Achievement Medal for her work in Wearable Technology. Terrie was instrumental in the development of Apple Pay, and she started DIGISEQ as a passion project alongside her ex-Mastercard colleague.

Company Profile (DIGISEQ)

DIGISEQ is an acclaimed innovative platform that transforms everyday items into contactless technology (payment, access control, identity, provenance), pushing simple items beyond known capabilities. In essence, we elevate convenience standards for consumers. There are currently over 100 variations of DIGISEQ-enabled wearables in the market.
We are the pioneers and market leaders of wearable payment technology, and aim to be the world's first Internet of Everything (IoE) Networking Platform. We have achieved many "world first's", from inventing digitally-authenticated Golden Globes Trophies to integrated (and globally recognised) Ski2Pay devices.
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