Polymer OLED Technology for Low Information Content Displays and Backlighting Applications (Printed Electronics & Photovoltaics USA 2009)

Dr J. Devin MacKenzie, Director of Technology
Add-Vision Inc., USA
United States
Dec 03, 2009.

Speaker Biography (J. Devin MacKenzie)

Dr. MacKenzie has been working in research, development and commercialization of organic electronics and nanotechnology for over 12 years with over 120 published articles and patents in the fields of organic LEDs, photovoltaics, polymer transistors, thin film Si, RFID, nanotechnology and gallium nitride materials. He was a research associate and visiting scientist in Prof. Sir Richard Friend's group at the University of Cambridge, and was a co-founder of Plastic Logic, a UK-based world-leader in ink jet printed polymer electronics. Since returning to the US, he led printed GHz RF device and applications work at Kovio, an MIT Media-Lab spin out, and contributed to standards, education and roadmaps for IEEE, MRS and the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors. Devin has also acted as consultant, IP contributor and advisor for a number of technology companies including Carbon Valley, CDT, Kovio, KPCB, and Konarka. He is currently the technical director of Add-Vision, a CDT licensing partner, focused on R&D for near term commercialization of printed, flexible OLED displays. He received his doctorate and master's degrees in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Florida and completed his undergraduate degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Company Profile (Add-Vision Inc)

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Add-Vision ("AVI") is located in Scotts Valley, California and is developing a truly disruptive polymer Organic Light-Emitting Diode (P-OLED) display technology. The flexible display technology offers robust display characteristics and can be fabricated using high-speed printing techniques onto flexible substrates. AVI's technology opens the door to the manufacture of P-OLED displays that is high throughput, large-area, web-compatible, and air-processable. The company's flexible display technology enables the ability to the display of dynamic information and specialty lighting effects in a host of applications that might not otherwise be possible with other display technologies.
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