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Add-Vision ("AVI") is located in Scotts Valley, California and is developing a truly disruptive polymer Organic Light-Emitting Diode (P-OLED) display technology. The flexible display technology offers robust display characteristics and can be fabricated using high-speed printing techniques onto flexible substrates. AVI's technology opens the door to the manufacture of P-OLED displays that is high throughput, large-area, web-compatible, and air-processable. The company's flexible display technology enables the ability to the display of dynamic information and specialty lighting effects in a host of applications that might not otherwise be possible with other display technologies.
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Add-Vision Inc
8 Mar 2017

OLED Lighting Opportunities 2017-2027: Forecasts, Technologies, Players

IDTechEx Report:
8 Sep 2014

Toppan Forms

Toppan Forms' background is in business forms and data print service fields. Since then the company has also developed a strong software solutions/business process offering, in addition to some electronics manufacture including smart cards and NC reader modules, and associated systems and software. The company covers a wide variety of information-based businesses, such as integration of printed matter and electronic documents, information media like RFID and IC, and development of products compatible with printed electronics technologies, including conductive ink.
1 Dec 2010

Flexible OLED: A Low Cost Approach to Displays, Backlights and Solid State Lighting (SSL)

Add-Vision, United States
24 Sep 2010

New film technologies for printed polymer electronics developed

Bayer MaterialScience has developed extensive technology know-how and a wide range of materials for printing polycarbonate films.
27 Apr 2010

Toppan Forms organic photovoltaic & RF harvested products

Organic photovoltaics currently has a life of 2-3 years and is sold under a one year guarantee, the first volume success being solar bags. Toppan Forms is now trialling organic photovoltaics in many consumer and merchandising applications as well as trialling other printed electronics products for these applicational sectors, including ones employing RF harvesting.
26 Apr 2010

Toppan Forms to test markets with printed electronics

Toppan Forms, a leading information management solution provider, will start to test market product applications by combining various printed electronics technologies. Unlike conventional electronics, printed electronics are not rigid and can be converted into different shapes and sizes. Innovative products such as a battery charger in the shape of brief case or POP displays for marketing can be customarily designed and manufactured. Test marketing will start this summer and full scale marketing is expected to start in 2011.
3 Dec 2009

Polymer OLED Technology for Low Information Content Displays and Backlighting Applications

Add-Vision Inc., USA, United States
29 May 2009

Shakeout of organic transistor developers

Following on from the shakeout in OLED developers, IDTechEx sees the same thing happening now in Organic FETs.
4 Dec 2008

Print Processing of P-OLED materials for accelerated commercialization of flexible displays

Add-Vision, Inc., United States
13 Jun 2008

OLLA final event symposium, Eindhoven 12.8.08

The final symposium of the OLLA OLED lighting project took place on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven Netherlands 12.6.08 with about 80 attending the exhibition and about 60 attending the half day conference.
26 May 2008

OLEDs versus the $100 billion LCD juggernaut

The global market for AM LCD displays has now exceeded $100 billion, thanks recently to the fast growth of TVs being flat panel LCD versions rather than CRT versions. How do OLEDs fit in?
14 Nov 2007

Printed Flexible P-OLED Displays: From Technology to Commercialization

Add-Vision Inc, United States
14 Nov 2007

IDTechEx announce the winners of the Printed Electronics 2007 Awards

557 delegates from 20 countries were present at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA event in San Francisco - the industry's largest conference and exposition on the topic. The show featured the IDTechEx Printed Electronics Awards in recognition of outstanding achievement. See who won here and why.
12 Nov 2007

Add-Vision Inc, United States
12 Nov 2007

Add-Vision Inc, United States
12 Nov 2007

A snapshot of Printed Electronics USA

11 Jul 2007

The Market for Organic and Printed Electronics

Based on the latest research by IDTechEx, reported in the new report Organic & Printed Electronics Forecasts, Players & Opportunities 2007-2027, the market for printed and thin film electronics will be $1.18 billion in 2007. IDTechEx forecast the market growing to $5.06 billion by 2011, and $48.18 billion in 2027.
21 May 2007

Add-Vision Extends Life of Low Cost Flexible OLEDs

14 May 2007

Soligie Expands to Meet Growing Demand

10 May 2007

Summary from the Nanomaterials Conference