Printed electronics: opportunities and threats (Printed Electronics Europe 2006)

Mr Steve Jones, Business Development Director
Printed Electronics Ltd, United Kingdom


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Presentation Summary

  • The boundaries between conventional electronics and printed electronics
  • Areas that need to be developed before the wider community will accept printed electronics
  • The major limitation with inkjet printing
  • The major challenge with inkjet printing

Speaker Biography

After completing a degree in mathematics, statistics and computing, Steve switched to chemistry where he completed his BSc, MSc and PhD, specialising in mass spectrometry, at Sheffield University. After serving 8 years on the academic staff at Sheffield University he left to set up a manufacturing company specialising in upgrading mass spectrometers which brought him into contact with electronics and printed circuit boards. A subsidiary division manufacturing PCBs was spun off as Manchester Circuits in 1976 that specialised in defence and aerospace products and Steve was Technical Director and Chairman. The Company was bought by Forward Group plc in 1996 that itself was bought by Viasystems Inc in 1997. In 1998 Steve became European Director of Research and Development at Viasystems and collated the R&D activities in the UK, Sweden, Holland, Italy and the Netherlands, and liaised with colleagues in the US and China to develop a global strategy in electronics. A particular interest was the development of digital printing methods with lasers. The bust in 2001 meant the closure of the European facilities and Steve set up Material Solutions Ltd to explore digital printing and materials technology. Latterly he became non-executive Chairman of Circatex Ltd where he developed digital printing, particularly with inkjet printing, and has presented many papers at an international level on the subject. He is presently Business Development Director at Printed Electronics Ltd and Chairman of the Direct Write Association whose aim it is to promote the development of digital printing in manufacturing.

Company Profile (Printed Electronics Ltd)

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PEL are experts in functional material printing including inkjet, supplying and supporting a variety of systems, processes, inks and substrates. PEL are uniquely skilled in providing solutions that give optimum results through bespoke combinations and adaptations of machines, inks and substrates for specific applications.
Our expertise in embedding electronics, especially where not normally expected, includes antennas, sensors, displays and printed batteries. These elements are integrated with paper, plastic film, fabric, ceramics, metals, and even large 3D objects.
Supporting companies, universities and research organisations all around the world, PEL run standard and custom Inkjet and Printed Electronics Training courses.
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