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PEL are experts in functional material printing including inkjet, supplying and supporting a variety of systems, processes, inks and substrates. PEL are uniquely skilled in providing solutions that give optimum results through bespoke combinations and adaptations of machines, inks and substrates for specific applications.
Our expertise in embedding electronics, especially where not normally expected, includes antennas, sensors, displays and printed batteries. These elements are integrated with paper, plastic film, fabric, ceramics, metals, and even large 3D objects.
Supporting companies, universities and research organisations all around the world, PEL run standard and custom Inkjet and Printed Electronics Training courses.
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Printed Electronics Ltd
29 Jul 2022


Developed a wearable suit as part of a TSB-funded project.
3 Aug 2020

Printed Electronics Ltd

Printed Electronics Ltd (PEL) is a UK company focused on integration, development and commercialization of processes and systems for fabrication of electronic circuits, structures and devices using digital, additive, screen printing and inkjet methods. They offer very rapid product development and small/medium volume manufacturing.
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19 Nov 2019

Bionic Hand Made in Ten Hours

A bionic hand can be made to measure in 10 hours and can grip using a moveable thumb. Designers and engineers have been able to entirely 3D Print the device with embedded electrical circuitry to seamlessly connect sensors and actuators.
29 Oct 2013

Industrial Institute of Printed Electronics

hina is making progress in the development of Printed Electronics by establishing an Industrial Institute of Printed Electronics in September 2013.
22 Jul 2013

Printed battery company in China

Kunshan Printed Electronics Ltd a new company located in Suzhou near Shanghai has developed a printed paper battery with a voltage of 1.5 volts/cell that can be used in battery assisted passive RFID tags with or without micro sensors.
11 Dec 2009

Emerging display technologies and innovations

On December 10, the UK Knowledge Transfer Network had a meeting in Grove Oxfordshire on Emerging Display Technologies and Innovations. About 35 people attended. Professor Ian Underwood of Edinburgh University in Scotland described work on microemissive OLED displays under the title "Hypoled - Next Generation Display Platform ."
20 Apr 2006

Printed electronics: opportunities and threats

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