Real-time people and asset tracking using the enterprise Wi-Fi network (Active RFID Europe 2006)

Mr Antti Korhonen, President & CEO
Ekahau, Finland


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Presentation Summary

  • According to the Yankee Group 2005 Transatlantic Wireless Business Survey, enterprise-based Wi-Fi (802.11) networks will reach more than 80% penetration by 2008.
  • Wi-Fi creates a standard infrastructure for several mobile enterprise applications, including Voice, Data, AND RTLS (Real Time Location Systems)
  • This ELIMINATES the need of RFID type readers and proprietary RTLS infrastructure, as the existing WiFi access points will act as a "reader network"
  • Ekahau claims that WiFi based RTLS is a disruptive technology, that will eventually REPLACE legacy/proprietary Active RFID systems
  • Future 802.11 standards such as 802.11v, will be supporting location tracking tags and further boosting the WiFi RTLS growth
  • Today's applications driving the enterprise WiFi RTLS market are Asset Tracking (to improve asset utilization), and for staff tracking (to improve safety and security, and employee productivity): cases to be presented.

Speaker Biography

Antti has over 18 years of experience in high tech and IT industries in international sales and marketing leadership and product management. Prior to Ekahau, Antti worked at Vaisala Inc., Boston, MA, USA, as a General Manager of Vaisala's Industrial Business Division. Antti holds a B.Sc. Degree in Computer Science, from RICS Finland, and GBEP Management Degree from MIT/Sloan, Cambridge, MA.

Company Profile

Founded in 2000, Ekahau is the recognized leader in location-enabling enterprise Wi-Fi networks. Ekahau's mission is to provide the easiest, most cost effective and accurate positioning solutions for locating people, assets, inventory and other objects using wireless enterprise networks. The Ekahau solution tracks wireless laptops, PDAs, VOIP phones, Wi-Fi tags and other 802.11 enabled devices.
Ekahau's solution allows businesses to keep track of valuable assets and equipment, improve the overall workflow, and improve the levels of corporate security and customer service. With Ekahau, the critical corporate resources, people and assets, will be always available at the right place and at the right time. As Ekahau's location tracking solution does not require installation of proprietary wireless infrastructure, but can be done individually over the private Wi-Fi network, the deployment cost is kept in minimum, and the overall system payback time is the fastest possible.