Huge Growth of Printed Electronics USA - Event Report

About 2,800 people and 200 exhibitors from 40 countries attended the IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA event in Santa Clara last week - the world's largest event on the topic.
Raghu Das, CEO of IDTechEx, the event host, reports, "The feedback we have had from attendees and exhibitors has been superb. It is truly an honor to host the event where the world's most important user and supplier companies come together and do business."
The opening presentation from Raghu which covers some of the key progress with printed electronics and related emerging technologies can be watched here:
Feedback from the event includes:
"Great tradeshow! Well run, and I found the products/services I needed." Microsoft
"Excellent!" LG Electronics
"World class business intelligence. Distilled information immediately useful. Contacts for future networking." Saulsbury Industries
"It is amazing how big the show has grown and the amount of information that is available at one place and one time." Harper Corporation of America
"Highest traffic IDTechEx event yet. Lots of good connections and leads." Tollcoating by Carestream
"It was a great look into the future. Thought provoking. Exciting." Visual Media Alliance
"Excellent event! I was able to learn some new things and make some interesting contacts." Zebra
"Since my start point was 'I don't know what I don't know' I found the various keynotes very thought provoking which have given me some ideas on where to focus." Casella

Video highlights of the tradeshow

Watch the video giving highlights of the tradeshow, from the opening of the tradeshow by Vijay Ullal (former President & COO of Fairchild Semiconductor) to a tradeshow walk-through:

What CEOs think about the IDTechEx Printed Electronics event

In the following video, Felix Ho, CEO of Taiwanese conglomerate YFY Group, discusses what he thought of the IDTechEx event:

What's next

The success of Printed Electronics USA will continue with the next IDTechEx global event on the topic - Printed Electronics Europe, to be held in Berlin on 28-29 April 2015 ( External Link). This is Europe's largest event focussing on the commercialization of printed, organic and flexible electronics, with over 2,500 attendees expected.
Additionally, Printed Electronics USA 2015 will be held in the Santa Clara Convention Center on 18-19 November 2015. Over 40 exhibitors have already booked their booth.
Contact the IDTechEx team at for more details.