IDTechEx Release New Report on Thermal Management for ADAS

IDTechEx Release New Report on Thermal Management for ADAS
Thermal management challenges, solutions, and trends for cameras, radars, LiDARs, and automotive computers. Thermal interface materials, die attach, radome materials and electromagnetic interference, analysis, players, and market forecasts.
"Yearly market value for thermal interface materials in ADAS components to increase 11-fold by 2033" - IDTechEx
The automotive market is rapidly adopting autonomous features to aid in safety and driving convenience. This requires a suite of sensors (cameras, radars and LiDARs) and computing platforms. These components are evolving and present thermal management challenges leasing to opportunities for thermal interface materials, die attach, radar radome materials and EMI shielding. This report provides a market analysis for thermal materials in ADAS with trends, players and granular market forecasts.
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Key Aspects

This brand new IDTechEx report provides the following information:
Technology, material trends and analysis including:
  • The adoption of ADAS features in the automotive market
  • Sensor technologies and their thermal management challenges: cameras, radars and LiDARs
  • Automotive ECUs/ computers for ADAS
  • Combined EMI and thermal material solutions
  • Radar radome materials
  • Thermal interface materials in ADAS sensors and computers
  • Die attach in ADAS sensors
  • Company profiles including interviews
10 Year Market Forecasts & Analysis:
  • Car sales by autonomy level (units)
  • ADAS sensor sales (units)
  • Radar radome material (area)
  • Liquid cooled ECUs (units)
  • TIM for cameras by vehicle autonomy level (area)
  • TIM for radars by vehicle autonomy level (area)
  • TIM for LiDARs by vehicle autonomy level (area)
  • TIM for ADAS ECU/computers by vehicle autonomy level (area)
  • TIM for ADAS by sensor type (area)
  • TIM for ADAS by sensor type (tonnes)
  • TIM for ADAS by sensor type ($)
  • Die attach for ADAS sensors (area)
  • Die attach for ADAS sensors (tonnes)

High Level Table of Contents

  • Executive summary and conclusions
  • Introduction to Autonomy, ADAS Sensors and their Thermal Management
  • Thermoelectric Cooling
  • EMI and Thermal Materials
  • Radar Radome and Enclosure Materials
  • Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs)
TIMs for Cameras
TIMs for Cameras
TIMs for Radars
TIMs for LiDARs
TIMs for ECUs/Computers
TIM Suppliers in ADAS
TIM Requirements and Forecasts for ADAS
  • Die Attach for ADAS
Packaging technologies for cameras, radars & LiDARs
Solder, die attach adhesives and sintering
Market forecasts
  • Summary of forecasts and methodology

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