RFID business cases and technologies analyzed

Sarah Lee
RFID business cases and technologies analyzed
In 2007 IDTechEx expect that 1.71 billion tags will be sold. The total RFID market value (including all hardware, systems, integration etc) across all countries will be $4.96 Billion. By far the biggest segment of this is RFID cards. For those not involved in that sector, the 2007 market value for non card RFID (e.g. RFID labels, fobs, tickets etc) will be $1.97 Billion. Excluding cards, 58.4% of the market in 2007 will be in the US and 33% in Europe. The market will rise to $27.88 Billion in 2017. This includes many new markets that are being created, such as the market for Real Time Locating Systems using active RFID, which will itself be more than $6 Billion in 2017.
This research for the IDTechEx RFID Forecasts, Players and Opportunities 2007-2017 report has been used to put together an unmissable line-up of speakers that you need to hear and learn from next week. Decision makers from over 400 companies from 25 countries will be meeting in Boston, MA - a hotbed of activity in RFID - at RFID Smart Labels USA 2007. The RFID event, hosted by internationally known RFID experts IDTechEx, uniquely covers profitable RFID sectors; the big picture with coverage of RFID in seven key market verticals; and full technology evaluation.
To act as a showcase to the world unexposed companies in these sectors are featured covering new material, with key presentations from Coca Cola, Ahold, Caterpillar, Rolls-Royce, McCarran Airport, Purdue Pharma, McKesson, USPS, Unilever, and over 80 others. All 80 plus presentations are in depth PowerPoint assessments of RFID business cases and technologies rather than weak panel discussions. The full breadth of technologies are covered and assessed, from printed RFID to Real Time Locating Systems, RFID labels to RFID cards, and tags to networks.
In the RFID around the World session you will hear from leading executives from Japan, China, Korea, Australia, South America and Taiwan. No other event gives such global in-depth coverage. To see who is attending, the full agenda, exhibitor list and much more, go to www.idtechex.com/USA. To aid industry development Venture Capitalists and strategic investors will take part in the optional RFID Investment Summit matched with companies that seek funding now or in the future and optional masterclasses led by experts answer your specific questions.
You don't just catch up but you stay ahead, with free access to unique resources such as the RFID case study knowledgebase, with over 2,500 RFID case studies and the monthly RFID Analyst journal from IDTechEx - exclusively covering RFID trends, markets and technology developments.
After holding twenty global events on this topic IDTechEx aim to make this the most informative and most important RFID event this year encompassing all of the topic - from printed RFID to real time locating systems and labels to RFID cards and toll tags. We hope you can be part of this rapidly growing exciting industry event - whether as a delegate, exhibitor or media partner. Learn more and get involved now at www.IDTechEx.com/USA, or contact Sarah Lee on + 44 (0)1223 813703 or email s.lee@idtechex.com.