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E-Paper / Bistable Displays 2012-2022: Markets, Forecasts, Technologies

Bistable, non-emissive and/or flexible displays for e-books and beyond

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Electronic paper technology has found its main application in the development of e-book readers, a market that has bloomed in recent years with successful devices such as the Amazon Kindle and the Barns & Noble Nook, with a total value of $1.03 billion in 2012, as estimated by IDTechEx.
What the future holds for e-readers remains to be seen. New technologies and devices are being developed/ launched and there is stiff competition from similar devices such as tablet computers that can offer consumers alternatives with added functionality. This highlights the need for new markets to be identified, in order for electronic paper devices to continue enjoying the growth witnessed in the years since their initial launch.
The commercial success of the Amazon Kindle e-reader and the lesser yet still quite substantial uptake of e-book readers have sparked up a large interest in e-paper display technologies.
E-paper displays mimic the appearance of ordinary ink on paper. Unlike conventional flat panel displays, it doesn't require a backlight to illuminate its pixels as it reflects light like paper does and can hold text and images indefinitely without drawing power. Usually, most versions can also be flexible, thinner and more robust than other display technologies.
Forecasts by technology and application to 2022
This report provides forecasts for e-paper displays for the following applications:
  • e-readers/books
  • Cell Phone, Music Player Display
  • Smart Card Display
  • Wearable (clothing, watches, military etc)
  • Posters/Signage (non retail)
  • Point of purchase/Posters/Signage & Smart Packaging (retail)
  • Consumer electronics and white goods (excluding other categories here)
  • Other new applications
E-paper display technologies
Out of the technologies that could be suitable for e-paper display applications, electrophoretic displays have seen the strongest growth, particularly in e-readers. Other technologies are also being trialled however such as the FUJITSU color reader that utilizes cholesteric LCD technology.
Electrophoretic displays market forecasts 2013*
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Source: IDTechEx
Thermochromic, Electrochromic and electrowetting displays are already being used in a diverse range of applications from the world's first disposable display on a gift card and battery tester to indicators on batteryless, wireless switches. There is a place for all these technologies, indeed, many new ones frequently enter the scene. This report addresses appraisal of the options, company progress and commercial adoption.
What you will learn
How big will the e-reader market become? When will e-paper displays be available in full colour and when will the flexible versions reach the market? Which technologies will gain the biggest market share and which products will become popular with consumers in the next few years? Find out all about the projected market growth and overall penetration of e-paper display technologies in this new report from IDTechEx.
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Table of Contents
1.1.Market forecasts by technology 2012-2022 US$ billions
1.1.Market forecasts by technology 2012-2022 US$ billions
1.2.Market forecasts by application 2012-2022 US$ billions
1.2.Market forecasts by application 2012-2022 US$ billions
2.1.Zero- and low-power e-paper display technologies
2.1.Main factors driving the rapid growth of electronic smart packaging
2.2.Printed Electronics Applications
2.2.How e-paper displays are being applied
2.3.Flexible is a big market
2.3.Flexible devices offer advantages in terms of consumer satisfaction
2.4.Samsung Alias™ 2
2.4.Color, switching speed
2.5.Reprogrammable electrophoretic decoration on Hitachi mobile phones only needs power when being changed
2.6.T-equaliser animated t-shirt
2.6.Cellphones, music players
2.7.Smart card displays
2.7.An example of the display on a billboard picture in use in London
2.8.Duracell batteries/Avery Dennison tester
2.8.Electronic apparel
2.9.1.Clear Channel
2.10.Smart packaging/brand enhancement
2.10.VTT Technology beer package game
2.10.1.Market drivers
2.10.3.Cloetta bisquit/ACREO winking sign
2.10.4.VTT Technology beer package game
2.11.E-paper displays have the largest market share for all flexible displays
3.1.E Ink
3.1.Electronic ink microcapsules
3.2.Sipix: Microcup® electrophoretic display
3.2.EPD pixel appearance
3.2.2.AUO and Sipix
3.3.Bridgestone: Quick Response Liquid Powder Display™
3.3.Retail Shelf Edge Labels from UPM
3.4.Secondary display on a cell phone
3.5.Samsung Alias™ 2
3.6.SEIKO E-Ink watch
3.7.Lexar portable USB flash drive
3.8.World's first display on a magazine cover
3.9.Microcup® Structure
3.10.Sipix Roll-to-Roll micro embossing process
3.11.Embosser mold and embossed microcups
3.12.Structure of Sipix e-paper
3.13.Electrophoretic display on a commercially sold financial card
3.14.SD card from A Data with a Sipix display
3.15.Sipix Clock
3.16.Schematic of the features of Electronic Liquid Powder™
3.17.Bridgestone e-paper price tag
3.18.Bridgestone fully bendable electronic paper
3.19.Relationship between radius of curvature and reflectivity in the states of black and white in flexible QR-ELP™
3.20.Roll to roll processing steps for Bridgestone's e-paper display
3.21.Flexible Full Color QR-LPD
4.1.Example of a droplet contracting and relaxing
4.2.ITRI, Taiwan and PVI, Taiwan
4.2.Water droplets on hydrophobic surface (a) without and (b) with voltage applied
4.3.Electrowetting display principle
4.3.adt, Germany
4.4.Comparison of power consumption for a variety of video displays
4.5.The concept of the "future of electronic paper" according to Liquavista
4.6.Excellent viewing angles in TFT backplanes and backlights
4.7.Flow chart of the manufacture process
4.8.adt electrowetting displays
4.9.EnOcean wireless switch
5.1.Qualcomm Mirasol
5.1.Pixel detail on the Mirasol display
5.2.Qualcomm Mirasol e-reader
5.2.Kent Displays
5.3.Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
5.3.KENT Displays' Reflex™ LCD
5.4.Kent Displays Boogie Board
5.5.Color LCD by photo alignment
5.6.Color printable flexible LCD
5.7.TRED's EMD² technology
5.8.Principle of operation for Nemoptic's BiNem® technology
5.9.A4 e-paper display
6.1.Electrochromic display on a Valentine's card sold by Marks and Spencer in the UK in 2004 and electrochromic display with drive circuits in a laminate for smart cards
6.2.Ntera Display
6.3.The dollhouse. When energy is added to the system the color of the wallpaper changes and a picture appears on the wall
6.3.1.Electrochemical displays on paper
6.4.Two state electrolytic display on paper
6.5.Seven segment display printed with bi-stable inks
6.6.Aveso electrochromic display
7.1.Prime View International (PVI)
7.1.Glass e-book backplane
7.1.2.Flexible e-paper displays using EPLaR
7.2.Plastic Logic
7.2.Field shielded pixels
7.3.TFT design
7.4.Glass e-Book module making
7.5.THE EPLaR process
7.6.Seiko Epson
7.6.TFT DC stability
7.7.Mobilities on glass, EPLaR before release & EPLaR after release
7.8.Polymer Vision'' and 6'' flexible e-paper displays by PVI
7.8.3.What went wrong
7.9.Photograph of a 9.7" EPLaR display
7.10.A4 size Flexible Color e-paper
7.11.Cross section of LG's e-paper display
7.12.19in flexible e-paper developed by LG Display
7.13.Seiko Epson e-reader
7.14.A3 and A4 e-paper displays
7.15.The Readius® by Polymer Vision
7.16.A Polymer Vision display
7.17.Display Processing Steps
8.1.Electrofluidic Displays: Gamma-Dynamics
8.1.Comparison of electrophoretic/electrofluidic display performance in color and grayscale
8.2.Duracell battery tester
8.2.Thermochromic displays
8.3.Optical shutter film: Citala, USA
8.3.Interactive game on a beer package by VTT Technologies in Finland
8.4.Citala's flexible display technology
8.4.Adhesives, Delo Germany
8.5.Citala's technological advantages
8.6.APD technology flexible display
8.7.Edge encapsulation of an electrophoretic display with adhesive (blue). The DELO adhesive can be cured through the UV-blocked barrier layer (glass, PET, PEN, etc.) by means of visible light.
8.8.Selection of different development products
8.9.Example for the flexibility of a cured adhesive film with a thickness of 150μm (no substrate, just adhesive)
9.1.Content availability
9.1.Kindle and Kindle 2
9.2.Amazon Kindle 3
9.2.Amazon Kindle, Kindle 2 and Kindle 3
9.2.1.Amazon Kindle DX
9.3.Kindle DX
9.4.Effect of 16 level grayscale and smoothing algorithm on text display
9.5.Iliad & Digital Reader
9.5.The Barnes & Noble Nook
9.6.The Fujitsu FLEPia
9.6.SONY Readers
9.7.Brother Industries, Japan
9.7.The FLEPia Lite
9.8.Digital Reader and Iliad by iRex Technologies
9.9.The device uses an ink display and incorporates a touch screen
9.10.The SONY LIBRIé
9.11.Brother Industries large area e-reader
9.12.Hanvon Technology claims the world's first 5" Electronic Book series
10.1.E-reader vs. tablet: a battle is brewing
10.1.e-reader market growth: revenues for display modules, three different forecast scenarios described
10.1.e-reader market growth: revenues for display modules, low growth forecast scenario
10.2.e-reader market growth: revenues for display modules, intermediate growth forecast scenario
10.2.e-reader market growth: e-reader units sold for the low growth and high growth scenarios
10.2.Electrophoretic displays are not the only option
10.3.E Ink developments
10.3.InVue's electronic lock incorporating an E Ink display.
10.3.e-reader market growth: revenues for display modules, high growth forecast scenario
10.4.e-reader market growth: e-reader units sold for the low growth and high growth scenarios
10.4.Market Forecast scenarios to 2022
11.1.Forecasts by technology
11.1.Market forecasts by technology 2012-2022
11.1.Market forecasts by technology 2012-2022
11.1.1.Forecasts for color versus non color 2012-2022
11.1.2.Electrophoretic displays market forecasts 2012-2022
11.1.3.Electrochromic displays market forecasts 2012-2022
11.1.4.Forecasts by application
11.2.Market Forecasts for electronic paper and the market share for color electronic paper 2012-2022
11.2.Market Forecasts for electronic paper and the market share for full color electronic paper 2012-2022
11.3.Electrophoretic displays market forecasts 2012-2022
11.3.Electrophoretic displays market forecasts 2012-2022
11.4.Electrochromic displays market forecasts 2012-2022
11.4.Electrochromic displays market forecasts 2012-2022
11.5.Market forecasts by application 2012-2022 US$ billions
11.5.Market forecasts by application 2012-2022 US$ billions
11.6.Component cost breakdown for the Amazon Kindle 2

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