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Solar Flare Executive Reports: Latest Global Trends, Supply & Market Data and Technology Development

Analysis and insight into current and long term solar industry market, manufacturers and incentive trends

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The Solar Flare Executive Report Series, published bimonthly in February, April, June, August, October and December provides a current analysis of the demand and supply sides of the terrestrial photovoltaic industry as well as offering updates and analysis about demand for concentrator PV and crystalline silicon and thin film PV technologies.
The global market for solar technologies remains volatile and reliant on incentives. The 25 to 50 page Solar Flare analyzes current market behavior and includes current data on module and component prices, changes in incentives and market size so that the reader can adjust strategy before a direction becomes too entrenched.
Global macro and micro economic trends are assessed in light of how this could affect demand for solar installations. Demand side business models and trends in system sizes and profitability are analyzed with a view of their short and long-term potential effect on activity and profitability. Coverage of important conferences, for example, the IEEE PVSC, the EU PVSEC, Intersolar Munich, Intersolar US, Printed Electronics and Solar Power International are provided to keep subscribers informed of current trends and industry direction.
Let us keep you updated with the topic with this balanced, fact based regular report series conducted by analysts based globally.
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Recent editions covered:
Solar Flare February 2015
Notes from the Solar Underground: Quality should be an intrinsic value
The Unfortunate Widening Gap between Quality, Expectations and Reality
Quality is an intrinsic value
Clean Water Scarcity in African Countries and PV
The Role of PV
Table CWS1: Off Grid Water Pumping, Desalination and Water Sanitation Forecast to 2019
Tanzania Water and Sanitation Statistics 2
Table CWS2: Drinking Water Coverage Estimates in Tanzania, 1990 & 2012 2
Table CWS3: Tanzania Rural Drinking Statistics, 1990 - 2012
Table CWS4: Coverage Estimates in Tanzania, 1990 & 2012
Table CWS5: Tanzania Rural Sanitation Statistics, 1990 - 2012
Kenya Water and Sanitation Statistics
Table CWS6: Kenya Rural Sanitation Statistics, 1990 - 2012
Table CWS6 Continued, Kenya Water Services Board Investment, Water and Sanitation Access 2010
Table CWS7: Kenya Estimated Water Coverage Estimates, 1990 - 2012
Table CWS8: Kenya Rural Water Statistics, 1990 - 2012
Table CWS9: Kenya Sanitation Statistics, 1990 & 2012
Table CWS10: Kenya Rural Sanitation Coverage Estimates
The Republic of South Africa
South Africa Water and Sanitation Statistics
Table CWS11: South Africa Regional Demographics
Table CWS12: South Africa Water Statistics
Table CWS13: South Africa Sanitation Statistics
Table CWS14: South Africa Water Statistics by Region
Table CWS15: South Africa WHO/UNICEF Water Coverage
Table CWS16: South Africa WHO/UNICEF Rural Water Statistics
Table CWS17: South Africa WHO/UNICEF Sanitation Coverage Estimates
Table CWS18: South Africa WHO/UNICEF Rural Sanitation Statistics
No Easy Solution
US: Can its Booming Market for PV Installations Last and Can Manufacturing Make a Comeback?
Table US1: Regional Shipment Shares, 2004-2012
Figure US1: US Supply Side Metrics, 2014
Figure US2: US Demand and Supply Growth, 2008-2014
Figure US3: US Demand and Supply Growth, 2008-2014
Figure US4: US Application Shares, 2014
Module Assembly Vs Cell Manufacturing: What to count
Table MA1: Regional/Country Capacity, Production, Shipments and Inventory 2014
Table MA2: Regional Module Assembly Capacity & PV Semiconductor Capacity
Market News
Company News 5
Solar Flare April 2015
Notes from the Solar Underground: Free Solar and the Extinction of Quality
Beginning with the future, what to expect in 2015 and beyond
Table 1: Five-Year Technology Forecast to 2019 (MWp)*
Figure 1: Conservative, Accelerated & Low Incentive Revenue Forecast to 2019
The US Market for Commercial PV - through the ITC and Beyond
Figure 2: US Supply and Demand, 2004 through 2014
Figure 3: US Application Contribution 2004-2014
Figure 4: US Commercial Application 2009-2014
Table 2: US Commercial PV Market by System Size, 2009-2014
Figure 5: US Commercial Market Growth to 2019
2014 Global PV Industry Overview
Figure 6: PV Industry Metrics for 2014
Figure 7: PV Manufacturers Shipping >3% of Total in 2014
Table 3: Regional Shipments 2009 to 2014(1) (2)
2014 Photovoltaic Manufacturer Shipments
Figure 8: PV Industry Growth, 1999-2014 and Five Year Forecast
Regional Shipments
Figure 9: Capacity, Production, Shipments & Inventory for the US, Europe, China, Malaysia, Taiwan and Japan, 2004-2014
Figure 10: 2014 Global Supply and Demand
Table 4: Regional Manufacturer Shipments* 2004-2014
Shipments by Technology
Figure 11: Technology Market Share % 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014
Manufacturer Revenues and Prices
Figure 12: PV Cell/Module Revenues and ASPs
Figure 13: PV Cell/Module Revenues and Shipments, 2002 - 2014
Figure 14: PV Cell & Module Revenues by Region 2013/2014
Average Selling Price (ASP) ...................
Table 5: PV Industry Cell/Module Revenues, Shipments & ASPs 2004-2014
Figure 15: Photovoltaic Industry Prices, Costs and Shipments, 1974-2014
Module Assembly Vs Cell Manufacturing: What to count
Table 6: Global Capacity Production, Shipments and Inventory, 2004-2014*
Figure 16: Regional Capacity Shares, 2013, 2014
Figure 17: Regional Manufacturing Capacity & Shipments 2004-2014, Total Capacity 47.8-GWp
Figure 18: Global Module Assembly Capacity, 2014
Table 7: 2014 Regional Module Assembly, Crystalline Cell /Thin Film Panel Capacity
Top Ten Manufacturers of 2014
Table 8: Statistics for 2014 Top Ten PV Manufacturers
Table 9: Top Ten Manufacturers, 2009 to 2014
Figure 19: Top Ten Manufacturer Cell & Module Revenue Shares 2014
Market News
Company News
Solar Flare June 2015
Notes from the Solar Underground: Behavioral Economics and the PV Industry
Behavior Cementing PV Industry History
1974-1984, Government & Utility Demonstration Projects and Off Grid
Figure 1: Global Photovoltaic Industry Growth & Average Module Prices 1974-1984
Figure 2: Application Contribution, 1974-1984
1984-1994, Slower Growth and Emerging Incentives
Figure 3: Global Photovoltaic Industry Growth & Average Module Prices 1984-1994
Figure 4: Application Contribution, 1984-1994
1994-2004, Capacity based Incentives in Germany, Japan & California and the beginning of the Feed in Tariff Era
Figure 5: Global Photovoltaic Industry Growth & Average Module Prices 1994-2004
Figure 6: Application Contribution, 1994-2004
2004-2014, Feed-in-Tariff programs peak & begin collapsing, auctions emerge
Figure 7: Global Photovoltaic Industry Growth & Average Module Prices 2004-2014
Figure 8: Application Contribution, 2004-2014
2015 to?
Trina Solar
First Solar
Balance of Systems
Thin Film Silicon
US PV Market Trends
Peak Shifting
PV Interconnection
Module Failures in the Field
Reliability and Warranties
Consumer Power and Consumer Indoor: Too competitive or just too small?
Table 1 Consumer Power Applications MWp & % of Category 2009-2019
Consumer Indoor Application Description and Forecast
Table 2 Consumer Indoor MWp & % of Category, 2009-2019
Shipments to the Consumer Power Application
Table 3 2014 CIGS and a-Si Production for Consumer Power/Indoor Applications
Flexible CIGS and the Consumer Power/Consumer Indoor Applications
Amorphous Silicon for the Consumer Power and Consumer Indoor Applications
Market News
Company News
Technology and Product News
Middle East
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