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27 Apr 2021

Innovation in Carbon Capture Technology

There are significant research efforts aiming to boost the effectiveness of CO2 capturing technology and facilitate deployment of what could be a vital technology in the fight against climate change.
24 Jun 2020


MX3D are a large-scale metal 3D printing company specializing in wire arc additive manufacturing. IDTechEx spoke with Gijs van der Velden (CEO).
12 May 2020

The Hydrogen Economy, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Production Methods

IDTechEx Report: Daniele Gatti
8 Aug 2019

Second-life Electric Vehicle Batteries 2020-2030

IDTechEx Report:
24 Apr 2019

Zero-emission trucking takes another leap forward

Toyota, Kenworth, the Port of Los Angeles and the California Air Resources Board took the next great leap towards the future of zero-emission trucking, unveiling the first of Toyota and Kenworth's jointly developed fuel cell electric heavy-duty trucks.
24 Mar 2019

Fuel Cell Vehicles 2019-2029

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop
19 Jul 2018


4 May 2018

Project will deploy hydrogen fuel cell EVs in Paris, London, Brussels

ZEFER (Zero Emission Fleet vehicles for European Roll-out) will deploy large fleets of 60 hydrogen fuelled vehicles in each of three European capitals (Paris, London and Brussels).
13 Nov 2017

Advanced Li-ion & Beyond Li-ion Batteries 2018-2028

IDTechEx Report: Dr Xiaoxi He
26 May 2017

Shell on the future of transport

What happens in the transport sector, which accounts for more than a quarter of total world energy use, will be critical to progress in the ongoing energy transition.
23 Feb 2017

Shell launches its first hydroge refuelling station in the UK

Shell announces the launch of its first hydrogen refuelling station in the UK at its Cobham service station on the M25.
30 Jan 2017

Huge bet on hydrogen economy

In January 2017, it was announced that Toyota Motor Corporation and four of its biggest automotive competitors are joining oil and gas giants including Royal Dutch Shell Plc and Total SA with plans to invest a combined 10 billion euros ($10.7 billion) in hydrogen-related products within five years.
13 Jan 2015

Toyota to release thousands of hydrogen fuel cell patents royalty free

Toyota is opening the door to the hydrogen future, making available thousands of hydrogen fuel cell patents royalty free.
7 Apr 2014

Dr. Christopher Case joins Oxford PV as Chief Technology Officer

Oxford Photovoltaics (Oxford PV) has appointed Dr. Chris Case as Chief Technology Officer to lead the technological development of the business, which is making rapid progress towards the commercialisation of its ground-breaking thin-film solar cells.
14 Dec 2013

Daimler AG

3 Oct 2013

Plan for the construction of a hydrogen refuelling network in Germany

The six partners in the "H2 Mobility" initiative - Air Liquide, Daimler, Linde, OMV, Shell and Total - have set up upon a specific action plan for the construction of a nationwide hydrogen refuelling network for fuel cell powered electric vehicles.
11 Feb 2013

New programme to make hydrogen powered travel in the UK a reality

A ground breaking project to ensure the UK is well positioned for the commercial roll-out of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles has been launched.
13 Dec 2012

The EU is supporting a hydrogen mobility deployment program

Air Liquide is investing in, installing and commissioning a new public hydrogen filling station in Rotterdam, Netherlands, for fuel cell electric vehicles, in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Transport and the Environment.
13 Dec 2011

Plug Power announces JV to meet growing fuel cell demand

Plug Power Inc. recently announced its intent to join forces with Axane, an Air Liquide subsidiary, to create a joint venture in order to meet growing demand for GenDrive® fuel cell products across the European material handling market.
2 Dec 2011

Oerlikon Solar reduce production costs for thin film silicon PV panels

Major reduction in cost of process gases / panel, supported by the leading global gas suppliers.