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22 May 2024

Which Substrate Tech Rules for 5G and 6G AiP?

Antenna packaging methodologies have evolved significantly to counter the escalating signal attenuation in high-frequency communications like 5G mmWave and anticipated 6G networks. Previously, antennas were positioned on PCBs; now, there's a shift towards integrating antennas directly onto the same package as the RF chip.
17 May 2024

Fast Communications - IDTechEx Explores 5G and 6G Telecoms

As the hunger for high-speed internet and constant connection increases, so too does the developments of 5G and 6G networks. The technology that makes this possible is happening right down in the small area of the antenna within the device, and low-loss materials and alternative substrates can offer ways of maintaining a strong connection.
3 Apr 2024

AiP Market Dynamics: Drivers & Challenges in 5G & 6G

Antenna-in-package (AiP) technology is essential for high-frequency telecommunications, as it enables the integration of antennas with RF components directly into semiconductor packages, unlike traditional discrete antennas. This advancement, tailored for mmWave applications and potentially extending into the sub-THz spectrum for 6G, promises much smaller footprints and enhanced performance.
29 Mar 2024

TMYTEK (Antenna in Package Technology)

TMYTEK is a company that provides 5G mmWave solutions. IDTechEx spoke with founder Su-Wei Chang back in 2021. In February 2024, IDTechEx caught up with Su-Wei on their latest advancements in mmWave antenna technology. Please see below for the write-up based on the interview.
25 Mar 2024

JSR Corporation

JSR Corporation is a Japanese company that specializes in materials innovation for various industries, such as digital solutions, life sciences, and plastics. IDTechEx spoke with JSR at Semicon Europe 2023
27 Feb 2024

Advancing Integration in Antenna Packaging Technologies for 5G and 6G

Millimeter-wave (mmWave), previously confined to military, satellite, and automotive radar applications, has now entered the mobile communications frequency spectrum, offering high data throughput of up to 20 Gbps with an ultralow latency of just 1 ms.
14 Feb 2024

Antenna in Package (AiP) for 5G and 6G 2024-2034

Forecasts taken from IDTechEx report "Antenna in Package (AiP) for 5G and 6G 2024-2034: Technologies, Trends, Markets"
15 May 2023

Advanced Semiconductor Packaging: Trends and Growth Drivers

Advanced semiconductor packaging technologies are crucial due to the slowing of Moore's law and rising costs of monolithic Si IC development and manufacturing. Initially, components were individually packaged and integrated at the PCB board level, but as devices become smaller and require higher processing capabilities, component integration needs to be pushed beyond board level.
21 Apr 2023

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells 2023-2033: Technology, Applications and Market Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Dr Conor O'Brien and Dr Alex Holland
23 Mar 2023

The "Hidden" Opportunity in Low-loss Materials for 5G

When thinking of the applications of low-loss materials in 5G devices, the first that comes to mind for most is 5G smartphones. After all, low-loss materials are integral in enabling advanced 5G antennas-in-packages (AiP) for smartphones, and high-profile smartphone manufacturers like Apple have gone back and forth about which low-loss material they chose for their 5G antennas in their flagship phones like the iPhone.
22 Dec 2022

Taiyo Ink: 5G Materials

Taiyo Ink MFG Co., Ltd. are a manufacturer of solder resist and dielectric materials based in Japan. IDTechEx spoke with Taiyo Ink on their dielectric material products for 5G applications.
19 Dec 2022

Showa Denko Group: 5G Materials

Showa Denko Group are a group of Japanese chemical manufacturers; their subsidiary, Showa Denko Materials, sell organic low loss materials for 5G applications. IDTechEx spoke with Showa Denko Materials about their 5G materials portfolio.
7 Dec 2022

Kyocera: 5G Materials

Kyocera is a Japanese material supplier offering a broad line of semiconductor packages and assembly services based on advanced ceramic and organic material technologies. IDTechEx spoke with Masaaki Minami, Marketing Manager at Kyocera, on its 5G materials.
25 Nov 2022

Fuel Cell Boats & Ships 2023-2033: PEMFC, SOFC, Hydrogen, Ammonia, LNG

IDTechEx Report:
30 Sep 2022

Casting Shadows on Solar Cells Connected in Series

Large obstacles, like clouds and buildings, can block sunlight from reaching solar cells, but smaller sources, such as dust and leaves, can also create similar problems. Understanding how the loss of incoming radiation affects power output is essential for optimizing photovoltaic technology, which converts light into electricity and is an important contributor to the green energy transition.
12 Aug 2022

Human-Machine Interfaces Work Underwater, Generate Their Own Power

Wearable human-machine interface devices can be used to control machines, computers, music players, and other systems. A challenge for conventional human-machine interfaces is the presence of sweat on human skin. Scientists now describe their development of a type of human-machine interface that is stretchable, inexpensive, and waterproof. The device is based on a soft magnetoelastic sensor array that converts mechanical pressure from the press of a finger into an electrical signal.
21 Jul 2022

JCET Group

A comprehensive overview of advanced packaging technologies and business strategies in JCET.
25 Feb 2022

Ballard & ABB Receive Approval for High-Power Fuel Cell Concept

The high-power fuel cell unit is a flexible solution that will support the energy needs of multi-megawatt scale vessels with diverse use cases. For example, a cruise vessel operating in coastal areas could either run entirely on zero-emission fuel cell power or switch to it when operating in environmentally sensitive areas or emission control zones, while a ferry with a regular schedule and frequent bunkering opportunities could operate solely on fuel cell power.
4 Feb 2022

Metawave — Radar Antennas for the Autonomous Future

Metawave produces analogue beamforming antennas and control chips that are designed to make the most out of radar transceivers. The antennas focus the emission into a narrow fan shape, which is then vertically scanned. This improves range, angular resolution and field of view compared to a static antenna.
10 Jan 2022

Silk's Unique Properties Present Possibilities for Future Technologies

Silk makes an important biomaterial, because it does not generate an immune response in humans and promotes the growth of cells. It has been used in drug delivery, and because the material is flexible and has favorable technological properties, it is ideal for wearable and implantable health monitoring sensors.