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9 Jan

Roads Generate Electricity for Even the Toughest Tasks

A solar roof on a road will make twice as much electricity per unit area compared to a solar road and be more easily upgraded to affordable higher efficiency PV as it becomes available.
17 Oct

Ultra-thin concrete roof with thin-film photovoltaics

A prototype for an ultra-thin, sinuous concrete roof using innovative design and fabrication methods. A second, exterior layer of the concrete sandwich structure encloses the roof, onto which thin-film photovoltaic cells are installed.
29 May

European collaboration include everyday items in Internet of Things

The Necomada consortium has announced that it will be addressing the material challenges associated with the Internet of Things, to allow for the integration of electronics into a wide range of everyday items.
19 Sep

Regenerative energy harvesting in 48V mild hybrids

The huge market opening up for 48V cars and commercial vehicles will involve much more effective regenerative braking generating tens of kilowatts and probably a turbine in the exhaust as well, generating one kilowatt or so in a small commercial vehicle.
13 Sep

Europe pulls ahead in 48V mild hybrid cars

Mild hybrid cars at 48V will first hit global markets in a big way in 2017.
30 Jun

Affordable advanced 48V ADEPT hybrid

Following almost three years of intensive testing, development and validation of advanced mild hybrid technologies with 48V 'intelligent electrification' applied to a Ford Focus project demonstrator, the ADEPT (advanced diesel-electric powertrain) consortium partners have announced that the project is on course to meet the stringent air quality and ultra-low emission requirements expected of near term next generation vehicles.
16 Feb

Marriage of two cheap photovoltaic technologies

Researchers have recently demonstrated world record performance for hybrid thin-film solar cells.
29 Jun

Intelligence technology for air quality, biodiversity, climate change

United Nations Environment Programme has commissioned MODUL University Vienna to develop a smart web intelligence solution for the environment.
1 Aug

Large UK Government grants for KERS harvesting

Gyrodrive flywheel harvesting for buses and Flybrid flywheel harvesting for diggers will receive a big boost from large UK Government grants just announced.
19 Feb

BDNT and ABB to roll out world's largest EV fast charger network

ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, announced a strategic collaboration today with Shenzhen BYD Daimler New Technology Co., Ltd. (BDNT) to supply direct current fast chargers over the next six years for DENZA.
12 Jun

Solar Press and FOM Technologies equipment distribution agreement

Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) technology developer Solar Press has entered into a distribution agreement with specialist equipment company FOM Technologies for the sale of its unique, high performance fabrication and test equipment for functional materials research.
25 Mar

Solar Press and KROENERT announce partnership

Solar cell technology developer Solar Press and coating and printing experts KROENERT have announced the signing of a long term partnership agreement to develop and sell turn-key manufacturing solutions for Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) modules.
6 Mar

More key speakers have come on board at Electric Futures

Great news - more key speakers have come on board! And Electric Futures 2013 is shaping up to be the must-have conference for those interested in harnessing sustainable, 'green' energy for public transport.
4 Feb

EU project to take flexible OLEDs from lab to fab

A newly launched, €11.2-million European project aims to help bring flexible OLEDs to market within six years.
4 Jun

Energy recovery trial begins for diesel commuter trains

A ground-breaking collaborative research and development project on rail brake energy recovery is scheduled to commence in the second half of this year and will see Ricardo, a multi-industry consultancy for engineering, join forces with fluid power expert Artemis Intelligent Power and world-leading rail technology expert Bombardier Transportation.
25 Jan

Light Tape lights Burlesque Premier red carpet

How do you light up a red carpet laid on the pavement of Leicester Square? You use Light Tape of course
10 Nov

Energy harvesting workshop Barcelona

On November 5 Xarmae and the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research sponsored a half day workshop on "Energy Harvesting Technologies: A general Overview".
19 Jan

World's longest and brightest electroluminescent lamp

Light Tape is the longest and brightest electroluminescent lamp in the world which can be supplied in a range of colours and widths, in lengths up to 300ft.
11 Apr

Thinfilm signs Memorandum of Understanding with Dupont Teijin Films UK

Thin Film Electronics ASA, announces that Thinfilm has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (