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AU Optronics Corp. (AUO) is a global leader of thin film transistor liquid crystal display panels (TFT-LCD). AUO is able to provide customers with a full range of panel sizes and comprehensive applications, offering TFT-LCD panels in sizes ranging from 1.2 inches to greater than 65 inches. AUO generated NT$359.3 billion (US$11.2 billion) in sales revenue in 2009 with global operations in Taiwan, Mainland China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, the U.S., and Europe. Additionally, AUO extended its market to the green energy industry in late 2008, and formally founded its Solar Photovoltaic Business Unit in October, 2009. For more information, please visit
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AU Optronics
12 Apr 2021

Micro-LED Displays 2021-2031: Technology, Commercialization, Opportunity, Market and Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Xiaoxi He
28 Nov 2020

AU Optronics

AUO showcased the world's highest resolution and full colour LTPS TFT driven 8" Micro-LED display at Display Week 2018.
1 Oct 2019

Flexible, Printed OLED Displays 2020-2030: Forecasts, Markets, Technologies

IDTechEx Report: Raghu Das and Dr Xiaoxi He
8 Feb 2019

Barrier Films and Thin Film Encapsulation for Flexible and/or Organic Electronics 2019-2029

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8 Mar 2017

OLED Lighting Opportunities 2017-2027: Forecasts, Technologies, Players

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2 Jan 2015

Crocus MLU sensors aim to put more 'flex' into flexible displays

New Magnetic Logic Unitâ„¢ based solution that can detect the position and shape of flexible two dimensional surfaces.
11 Aug 2014

AU Optronics

AU Optronics (AUO), headquartered in Taiwan, was formed in 2001 during the merger of Unipac and Acer Display. Since 2000, the company has been working intensely on the research and development of OLEDs. The milestones in the evolution of this technology include a 65-inch full-HD television in 2013 (Oxide TFT and FMM OLED patterning), and a 5-inch display with a resolution of 443 pixels per inch (ppi) in 2013.
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7 Aug 2014

Samsung Display

11 Dec 2013


U Optronics Corp. (AUO) is a global leader of thin film transistor liquid crystal display panels (TFT-LCD) and also offers OLED displays. The company is working on a range of technologies including printed and vacuum processed OLEDs.
1 Nov 2011

Flexible, self powered e-reader

At the recent FPD International, an exhibition and convention on flat panel displays held in Japan, AU Optronics Corp presented a concept e-reader that is self powered and also as flexible as a piece of paper.
22 Feb 2011

Moser Baer & Universal Display's technology & licensing agreement

Moser Baer Technologies and Universal Display Corporation announce technology & licensing agreement for energy-efficient white OLED lighting
17 Feb 2011

AU Optronics Corp. reports 4Q2010 financial results

AUO will continue to implement the "value-oriented" business strategy in 2011. For example, leading-edge technologies to produce 3D panels, touch modules, OLED displays and other high-end, value-added products are anticipated to enter mass production this year.
19 Nov 2010

AUO's latest display technologies

AU Optronics has presented its latest display technologies which include a 32" in-cell multi-point and multi-color optical touch panel for e-board applications, flexible oxide TFT E-paper, a dual-side display that uses ultra-low levels of energy and saves power by 99.8%, a 3D AMOLED TV panel, and stylishly flat OLED lights.
12 Nov 2010

Energy harvesting laptops

Energy harvesting for the office is becoming a reality and this month Logitech has introduced the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 - the company's first light-powered keyboard.
26 Aug 2010

AUO and Wistron establish a joint venture for TFT-LCD module plant

AU Optronics Corporation has approved a joint venture of TFT-LCD TV panel module production with Wistron Corporation at in China.
14 Apr 2010

Printing OLED Toward Large Area OLED Displays

Au Optronics Corporation, Taiwan, Taiwan
22 Oct 2009

AU Optronics unveils flexible e-paper technology

World's largest e-paper module will debut at FPD International 2009
14 Aug 2008

Increased activity in OLED market

Although OLED technology is still developing there is currently a notable market presence of OLEDs in electronic devices and displays.
6 Jun 2007

Taiwan Prioritise OLEDs for the Future