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Blue Solutions
1 Jan

WAVEGEM hybrid platform launched and inaugurated

The IHES project was initiated in 2015 by Geps Techno, a company located in the Pays de la Loire region, based on its own technology for harvesting wave energy from floating structures.
20 Mar


11 Jul

Li-air battery technology: tough road ahead

In mid 2016, A. Laforgue, Automotive and Surface Transportation, National Research Council of Canada and collaborators issued a paper "Assessment of the Li-air battery technology for automotive applications through the development of a multi-electrode solid-state prototype". It comes at a time when the US Department of the Environment has told IDTechEx it has de-emphasised research on this option because of fundamental limitations.
9 Jun

PolyPlus Battery Company

Blue Solutions produces rechargeable lithium metal-polymer batteries for Bolloré's Bluecar
6 Jun

Hydro Quebec

6 Jun


Blue Solutions has already started commercialising its LMP polymer battery technology through the Bolloré Group. They are listed on the Paris Stock Exchange and reported profitability for the first time in 2016.
3 Jun

Blue Solutions

Blue Solutions is a French company that produces Li-ion batteries that employ a lithium metal anode and a polymer electrolyte. These rechargeable batteries are used in Bolloré's Bluecar, an electric microcar with a 250 km driving range.
Included are:
9 Jun

€9.8 million for deploying graphene ultracapacitors

Skeleton Technologies plans to use the funds for ramping up production of their graphene-based ultracapacitors to meet the strong demand for electrical engineering applications.
10 Sep

Renault and Bollore form electric vehicle partnership

Renault and Bolloré are joining forces to promote electric vehicles (EVs) as part of three agreements relating to industrial cooperation, the founding of a joint-venture to sell EV car sharing solutions and a feasibility study on the development of a specific new Renault vehicle for car-sharing plans.
29 Oct

Bollore says Blue Solutions share offer oversubscribed

Blue Solutions, the battery company being listed by Vincent Bollore, has already filled the order book for its upcoming share sale, the French industrialist said on Wednesday.