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6 Jan 2022


Specialist gas sensor consulting.
29 Sep 2021


Prophesee, developers of event-based vision systems and associated software, have recently launched a cheaper, more compact 4th generation of its sensors via a collaboration with strategic partner Sony. IDTechEx caught up with CEO Luca Verre to find out more.
12 Jul 2021

E-Textiles & Smart Clothing 2021-2031: Technologies, Markets and Players

IDTechEx Report:
17 Apr 2020

Flexible Hybrid Electronics 2020-2030: Applications, Challenges, Innovations and Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Dr Matthew Dyson
11 Mar 2020


PragmatIC manufacture flexible integrated circuits (termed FlexICs) which are targeted first at RFID tags and also other applications that require constrained complexity. Their main selling point is their low cost (< $0.01, depending on complexity and volume), making them an attractive alternative to silicon. PragmatIC have also developed a revolutionary approach to fabrication that, when compared to conventional silicon ICs, requires much less capital expenditure and a design-to-production cycle-time of less than one week.
9 Mar 2020

Bioplastics 2020-2025

IDTechEx Report: Dr Michael Dent
15 Nov 2019

FlexIC Foundry Enables Custom Flexible Integrated Circuit Design

PragmatIC has developed a unique, patented semiconductor device platform that provides the opportunity to invent entirely new applications for electronics: As well as being ultra-low cost, it is also ultra-thin and flexible, and can be easily combined with other thin film electronic components to create novel solutions.
26 Jul 2018

Azuri appoints new VP Software and Services to boost expansion plans

Azuri Technologies Ltd, a leading commercial provider of pay-as-you-go solar home solutions to rural off-grid communities, welcomes Steve Haigh to the Senior Management Team in the new role of VP Software and Services.
3 Nov 2017

3D Printing Software 2018-2028: Technology and Market Analysis

IDTechEx Report:
9 Oct 2017

The future of drone delivery

Reimagining the future of on-demand deliveries, a drone delivery concept that can deliver a package straight to the hands of its recipient, no matter their location.
27 Apr 2017

Xaar plc

IDTechEx Technology Analyst Dr Bryony Core spoke with Dr Adam Ellis at Xaar plc regarding the company's venture into 3D printing and their high speed sintering technology.
26 Dec 2016

Miniaturising robotics design

With an external body the size of a drinks can and instruments only 1.8 millimetres in diameter, Axsis provides a glimpse into the future of surgical robotics.
1 Apr 2015

Fibre-optic thread improves smart garments

Breakthrough optical technology has led to the creation of a new generation of wearable technology.
31 Oct 2014

Insulin pen uses energy harvesting

An injection pen for diabetes patients that uses the action of removing the injector cap to power the device.
10 Jan 2013

Xaar plc

13 Oct 2011

Low power electronics for humans, on humans!

The development of low power electronics and devices for integration into the type of active lifestyles that are characteristic of modern humans is a vibrant area of research. Whether the electronics are wearable, epidermal, edible or even implantable, developments are taking place worldwide with new concepts, designs and prototypes that could change everyday life with minimal intrusiveness.
1 Dec 2008

Highlights from the Energy Harvesting Technology Event, London

Raghu Das, CEO at IDTechEx reports on the Energy Harvesting Technology event which looked at the use of technologies to generate electricity from the environment which can be used to power electronics and electrics.