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27 Sep 2021

Lithium-Carbon Battery Technology Enables Ultra-Fast Charging

By combining the benefits of super capacitors and traditional lithium-ion batteries, the new lithium-carbon technology enables a full charge to be delivered in a similar time to refuelling an internal combustion-powered vehicle.
19 Sep 2018

Highlights from the Low Carbon Vehicle (LCV) 2018

Key areas discussed and displayed at the LCV event include the battery, powertrain, lightweighting, autonomous driving and electric vehicle charging, from not only the technology but also business model and policy perspectives.
8 Jun 2018

New clean-energy venture, EV8 technologies

A multi-billion-pound shakeout is dramatically increasing competition amongst energy, automotive and technology companies as they battle to lead the transition from hydrocarbons to a low carbon world.
4 May 2018

Project will deploy hydrogen fuel cell EVs in Paris, London, Brussels

ZEFER (Zero Emission Fleet vehicles for European Roll-out) will deploy large fleets of 60 hydrogen fuelled vehicles in each of three European capitals (Paris, London and Brussels).
2 Mar 2018

Honda to supply Power Manager units for UK energy management demo

Honda Motor Europe has announced it will supply its state-of-the-art Power Manager units as part of the EV-elocity consortium project in the UK. The project aims to demonstrate the business case for Vehicle-to-Grid technologies across a variety of UK locations.
20 Sep 2017

Lightweighting highlights from Cenex LCV

Dr Richard Collins lists his top three takeaways from the Cenex LCV conference in Millbrook held at the beginning of September. Focusing on Lightweighting he highlights new innovations including: the Ariel hipercar, Gordon Murray Design's iStream and Williams Advanced Engineering's lightweight EV platform.
16 Sep 2015

CENEX LCV: Event In-wheel Motors & Lightweighting

The Riversimple two seat fuel cell hybrid car was on show in powertrain form at CENEX recently and in addition to the Hydrogenics fuel cell as fuel tank and the lithium-ion capacitor as engine it had four in-wheel motors.
14 Sep 2015

CENEX LCV Event: Range Extenders

The latest CENEX Low Carbon Vehicle Event took place at Millbrook UK mid September with over 50% growth on last year there being over 3000 delegates and over 200 exhibitors, mostly parts suppliers and charging station manufacturers but with several prestige stands from major motor manufacturers.
2 Apr 2015

Consortium to deliver UK's first range-extended fleet vehicles

Millbrook, one of Europe's leading independent test and technology centres for vehicles and vehicle systems, will join a UK industry consortium to develop a new class of zero-emission, light commercial vehicle.
12 Aug 2014

Project reduces EV battery weight by 41%

UK-based Cenex is part of a consortium which has just completed a two-year project to reduce both the weight and cost of EV batteries, succeeding by shaving 99 pounds, or about 41% of the weight off a standard EV battery.