CERADROP, a MGI Group company

CERADROP, a MGI Group company

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CERADROP, a MGI Group company, designs and markets Materials Deposition Digital Printers for Printed Electronics Industry and Smart 3D Printing. Embedding all types of printheads as well as the latest generation of curing modules, CeraPrinter Series models present new opportunities for feasibility study and launch of new products into the Printed Electronics market in the fields such as: flexible solar cells (OPV), OLED Displays, Smart Cards, Antennas, Smart Systems, Passive Components and others. CERADROP provides materials deposition digital printing solution for advanced R&D up to 24/7 high performance manufacturing with full automation. Achieving more than 75% of its turnover from export and providing a unique process support to its customers, CERADROP is supported by the MGI Group network in 70 countries with 50 representatives.
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CERADROP, a MGI Group company
20 Nov

Integrated Digital Deposition System Solutions For Functional Inks With Multi Curing Solution For Thin-Film Coating, Fine Conductive Lines And High Resolution Patterns In 2D Or 3D.

Ceradrop MGI Group, France
18 Sep

At Last a Smart Materials Event for Business Deals

The IDTechEx Show! in Santa Clara, California on November 20-21 has it all. There will be over 270 exhibitors engaging with 3,500 attendees; seven parallel conferences and even masterclasses on November 19 and 22, with matchmaking services and awards. Land the big order or at least come away "married" and famous!
11 Apr

Modular-Based Digital Materials Deposition Platforms For Printed Electronics Products From Advanced R&D To 24/7 Manufacturing

9 Apr

3D Printing 2019-2029: Technology and Market Analysis

IDTechEx Report: Dr Bryony Core
15 Feb

3D Printed Electronics and Circuit Prototyping 2019-2029

IDTechEx Report: Dr Jon Harrop
4 Dec

In-Mold Electronics 2019-2029: Technology, Market Forecasts, Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh and Dr Richard Collins
16 Nov

Tampere University of Technology Targets New Printed Intelligence Apps

CERADROP, a MGI Group company, expands its horizon and welcomes their new customer and partner - The Tampere University of Technology.
15 Nov

Digital Printing for Multi-Material Functional Components Manufacturing: Printed Electronics And Smart 3D Printing Applications

6 Nov

Canada representation again strong at this year's IDTechEx Show!

The annual IDTechEX Show! will take place this coming November 14 and 15 in Santa Clara, CA, with another strong Canadian delegation set to attend.
5 Jun

LAAS-CNRS targets R&D strategic axis with Cutting-edge CeraPrinter

CERADROP, a MGI Group company, has supplied LAAS-CNRS with one of its State-of-the-art equipment - CeraPrinter F-Serie. The French Laboratory for Analysis and Architecture of Systems concentrates its efforts on major scientific orientations for emerging systems and services of the future.
17 May


Update from IDTechEx Show! Europe 2018
12 Apr

Innovative Flexible Digital Printing Solutions with Cutting-edge Deposition Technologies For High-Tech Applications In Printed Electronics And Smart 3D Printing

Ceradrop, France
19 Jan

Asian Nanotechnology Breakthrough

CERADROP, a MGI Group company, has supplied the Institute for Nanotechnology (INT), Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh City (VNUHCM) with one of its TurnKey Materials Deposition Inkjet Platform - CeraPrinter X-Serie.
16 Nov

Non Contact Materials Deposition With Aerosol Jet® Or Ink Jet Or Both?

Ceradrop MGI Group, United States
15 Nov

Los Alamos National Laboratory and new R&D challenges

Los Alamos National Laboratory and new R&D challenges with Cutting-edge CeraPrinter F-Serie by CERADROP-MGI.
27 Jul

Acquisition of CERADROP hybrid 3D digital deposition platform

The University of Texas at San Antonio strengthens multifunctional electronic materials and devices research by acquisition of CERADROP hybrid 3D digital deposition platform.
11 May

All Advantages From Hybrid Approach Of Digital Printing For Multi-Material Functional Components Manufacturing.

Ceradrop, France
3 May

Flexible Printing Solutions for Printed Electronics & 3D Printing

Lots of key players from all over the world are working hard on the latest developments for new applications and integration of their results in our daily life.
8 Mar

CeraPrinter F-Serie manufacturing equipment for semiconductor industry

Printed Electronics field grows fast showing the demand for emerging functional devices, which make our life more secure and smart.
16 Feb

A CeraPrinter F-Serie - modular-based scalable platform

A CeraPrinter F-Serie - Modular-Based Scalable Platform now equips EPFL's Microsystems for Space Technologies Lab.