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4 Apr 2022

Hyperspectral Imaging for Super-Human Vision

Presentation given by Dr Matthew Dyson, Senior Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, at the Vision Innovation Forum in March 2022.
1 Apr 2022

Webinar and Q&A - 3D Electronics: The Road to Greater Integration

Thursday 7 April 2022 - This webinar includes discussion of the various approaches of manufacturing 3D electronics, their differentiating factors, readiness level, and the applications to which they are best suited; Case studies showing how 3D electronics can be used in many different applications; and much more.
29 Mar 2022

3D/Additive Electronics: New Methods for New Applications?

Presentation given by IDTechEx Senior Technology Analyst Dr Matthew Dyson at InnoLAE 2022.
28 Mar 2022

3D Electronics Enables Greater Integration

While 3D electronics has long been used for adding antennas and simple conductive interconnects to the surface of 3D injection-molded plastic objects, more complex circuits are increasingly being added onto surfaces made from a variety of materials by utilizing new techniques.
14 Mar 2022

Medical Training Robots with Realistic Pain Expressions

A new approach to producing realistic expressions of pain on robotic patients could help to reduce error and bias during physical examination. A team of researchers has developed a way to generate more accurate expressions of pain on the face of medical training robots during physical examination of painful areas.
8 Mar 2022

Bendy Robotic Arm Twisted Into Shape With Help of Augmented Reality

The flexible arm can twist and turn in all directions, making it readily customisable for potential applications in manufacturing, spacecraft maintenance, and even injury rehabilitation.
18 Jan 2022

Sony Mobility Inc.

IDTechEx reviews Sony's plans to 'explore a commercial launch of Sony electric vehicles' with Sony Mobility Inc.
16 Nov 2021

Reimagining the Car With Flexible Electronics: Inside and Out

Presentation by IDTechEx Senior Technology Analyst Dr Matthew Dyson, part of the Disruptive Live Autumn season.
27 Oct 2021

Webinar (with Q&A) - The Year in Printed/Flexible Electronics: 2021

Wednesday 10 November 2021 - The accelerating transition of printed/flexible electronics from technology push to market pull; Applications of printed/flexible electronic technologies that have been commercialized over the last 12 months; Roadmap for future adoption; A selection of both technical and commercial developments within the sector over the last year.
18 Oct 2021

Join the Upcoming IDTechEx Webinar on In-Mold Electronics

Thursday 21 October 2021 - IME offers multiple advantages relative to conventional mechanical switches, including reduction in weight and material consumption of up to 70% along with a much simpler assembly. Given these benefits, and increasing interest from OEMs/manufacturers/material suppliers, IDTechEx forecasts IME to be a $1.5bn market by 2032.
27 Sep 2021

Webinar: Commercially Compelling Printed/Flexible Sensor Innovations

Thursday 30 September 2021 - Emerging applications for capacitive sensors, such as leak detection; Spatially resolved temperature sensors, for monitoring EV batteries and electronics, that can be combined with other functionalities; and more! Will conclude with Q&A for pre-submitted questions
2 Sep 2021

IDTechEx Dissects the Market for Solid-state Batteries in New Report

This article explores the history of solid-state batteries and looks ahead at regional development, sharing some of the research from the new IDTechEx report, "Solid-State and Polymer Batteries 2021-2031: Technology, Forecasts, Players".
5 Jul 2021

Materials and Processes for Additively Manufactured Electronics

Presentation given by IDTechEx Senior Analyst Dr Matthew Dyson at the Nanodimension seminar, "AME Academy Presents the Future of Additive Manufacturing of Electronics"
24 Jun 2021

Image Sensor Technology Trends

Senior Technology Analyst, Dr Matthew Dyson shares insights on the new IDTechEx report: "Emerging Image Sensor Technologies 2021-2031" with IDTechEx CEO, Raghu Das
23 Jun 2021

Join the Upcoming IDTechEx Webinar: Emerging Image Sensor Technologies

Wednesday 14 July 2021 - Emerging SWIR image sensor technologies, such as extend-range silicon; Hybrid photodetectors utilizing quantum dots or organic semiconductors; Thin film flexible photodetectors; Hyperspectral imaging; Event-based vision; Flexible x-ray image sensors.
23 Jun 2021

Solid-State Battery Market Will Grow to $8 Billion by 2031

With an increasing number of players working in this field and some milestones being achieved, the solid-state battery market is expected to grow to $ 8 billion by 2031, according to IDTechEx's new report "Solid-State and Polymer Batteries 2021-2031: Technology, Forecasts, Players".
20 Jun 2021

Material Opportunities for Printed/flexible Hybrid Electronics

Presentation delivered by IDTechEx Senior Analyst Dr Matthew Dyson at the Argonne National Laboratory Summit.
1 Jun 2021

Trends in Low-Cost Displays for Emerging Applications

Presented by IDTechEx analyst Dr Matthew Dyson at SID Display Week 2021
18 May 2021

Upcoming Webinar - Flexible Electronics for Automotive Applications

Thursday 27 May 2021 - In this webinar Dr Matthew Dyson, a Technology Analyst at IDTechEx specializing in printed/flexible electronics, will discuss a wide range of emerging applications for printed/flexible electronics technologies within the automotive sector, along with a forecast adoption timeline.
16 Apr 2021

Trends in Manufacturing Methods for Flexible Hybrid Electronics

Presentation delivered by IDTechEx Technology Analyst Dr Matthew Dyson at FLEX 2021