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27 Dec

E.ON makes a strategic investment in Virta

Earlier this year Virta and E.ON signed a global operational agreement to make thousands of intelligent E.ON charging stations available to electric vehicle users across Europe in ten countries. The cooperation creates one of the largest and densest charging networks in Europe, where the E.ON electric vehicle charging infrastructure is powered by the Virta platform.
1 Oct

A report from GPEX 2018

IDTechEx attended the Global Power and Energy Exhibition in Barcelona from 17 - 20th September 2018
26 Sep

Virta EV charging platform awarded best energy product brand

Virta - a Finnish electric vehicle charging service provider - has been awarded at the global CHARGE Energy Branding Awards for the Best Energy Product Brand. The forerunner company offers a digital platform for connecting energy and mobility services.
13 Sep

Airborne Wind Energy 2019-2039

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop
28 Jun

Zero Genset: $100 Billion Opportunity

As society and equipment become more mobile and remote from grids, diesel and gas gensets will be bought in larger numbers for a few years yet - possibly peaking at around $30 billion global market size when over 600GW will be deployed. The Zero Genset market will rise to at least $100 billion if it replaces significant grid power.
30 May

Wave, Tidal and Hydro Power 1W-10MW 2018-2038

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop
15 May

Redox Flow Batteries 2018-2028: Markets, Trends, Applications

IDTechEx Report: Dr Lorenzo Grande
22 Mar

Off Grid Breakthroughs and Challenges

The conference "Off Grid Energy Independence" Berlin April 11-12 will be unique in focussing exclusively on zero emission off grid and fringe-of-grid advances, challenges and prospects globally.
14 Dec

Off Grid Progress Australasia, USA

Grid electricity prices rarely drop across the world but the Australians are beginning to note that in the nearest major country, New Zealand, electricity prices are indeed going down not up. Help is at hand from photovoltaics PV even if the Australian utilities do not get a grip on their costs.
12 Dec

Off Grid Zero Emission: Better Than Grid Extension and Gensets Now

The improving business cases for off grid are a contrast to much grid supply, where high voltage grid extension at a swingeing $1-6 million per mile is not involved, nor even low voltage extension at $15k-50k. It attracts where grids are being neglected or are based on bad choices increasing prices.
1 Nov

Distributed Generation: Minigrid Microgrid Zero Emission 2018-2038

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop, Dr Lorenzo Grande and Dr Xiaoxi He
9 May

The technology of airborne wind energy - Part II the drone

Last month, Ampyx Power signed energy giant E-ON to help test their novel green energy technology.
8 May

The technology of airborne wind energy - Part I: Launch & land

In short, AP-3 is a 250 kW system, using a 350 kg drone with a wingspan of 12 m. AP-3 is designed to be a demonstrator of safety and autonomy.
7 Mar

Kite power: Diesel killer or wind turbine killer?

The new IDTechEx report, "Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) 2017-2027" finds that making electricity by flying kites and the like can potentially address two very different opportunities: kill diesel or kill wind turbines.
8 Jul

Batteries for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Utility Applications 2016-2026

IDTechEx Report: Dr Xiaoxi He
29 Jun


redT is a company listed on the London Stock Exchange that has spent the last 15 years developing a vanadium redox flow battery for stationary applications. They claim a competitive price per kWh as well as an easy integration thanks to their plug and play technology.
25 Jun

Harvesting thermal energy using nanodiamond receives grant

A project pursuing new approaches to harvesting thermal energy using nanodiamond at Bristol University has been awarded funding by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).
6 Dec

Transportable, autonomous EV charging stations

There are many reasons for creating an electric vehicle charging station based on a large battery. For example, Green Charge Networks in the USA (Prosser and ConEdison) finds that a remarkable 7-12% of installations there need local grid upgrade so they have developed a transportable, dedicated substation for this purpose which contains a 26 kWh lithium-ion battery roughly equivalent to that in a Nissan Leaf, and appropriate contacted outlets, including for Level 3 fastest charging.
10 Nov

Pilot project kicks off with Audi A1 e-tron

A German project recently launched 20 units of the Audi A1 e-tron on the roads of a Munich pilot region. Audi, E.ON, the public utility Stadtwerke München and Technische Universität München (TUM) are project partners in this fleet trial. E.ON and SWM are in charge of expanding and maintaining the charging infrastructure in the Munich metropolitan area.
4 May

Compressed air energy storage

Canadian firm Thin Red Line Aerospace has completed the first structure specifically designed and built for undersea compressed air energy storage.