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5 Jan 2022

Mercedes-Benz Taking Electric Range and Efficiency to a New Level

Range and efficiency are set to define the electric era. Exceptional range will make electric cars suitable for every journey and help to increase overall adoption. Reduced battery size and weight will improve efficiency and Mercedes-Benz engineers are working to take range and efficiency to a new level.
21 Apr 2021

Ynvisible Interactive Inc Forecasts Strong Fourth Quarter 2020

Ynvisible Interactive Inc is pleased to provide the following corporate update (all dollar amounts are expressed in Canadian dollars).
12 Apr 2021

World's First Hydrogen Cargo Vessel Set For Paris Debut

The European innovation project Flagships will deploy the world's first commercial cargo transport vessel operating on hydrogen, plying the river Seine in Paris. Commercial operations are set to commence in 2021.
26 Jan 2021


Aeterlink was founded in August 2020, and describe an ambitious vision of long range wireless charging. They are a Japanese company, but their CEO and principal technical staff are based at Stanford University in the US. This update was compiled based on materials they presented at CES 2021's virtual event.
28 Oct 2020


Qurv is a Spanish early stage company developing graphene/quantum dot based short wave infra red (SWIR) image sensors. These will include data processing software to provide a 'plug-and-play' solution.
13 Apr 2020

Level 4 Autonomous Van E-Flex from Karma Automotive

Karma's new L4 E-Flex Van achieves 320 trillion operations per second of deep learning. The Karma L4 van is the latest in a series of platform development projects featuring the Karma E-Flex Platform.
12 Dec 2019

2019: A year of XR Technology

This premium article rounds up some of the news stories from XR (AR, VR and MR) topics in 2019.
4 Dec 2017

A report from the Integrated Electrical Solutions Forum (IESF)

Mentor shows its gained strengths in the automotive sector after Siemens' acquisition, as reported by IDTechEx analyst Lorenzo Grande, PhD.
4 Aug 2017

AR Wars, episode II: The return of Glass

The announcement of the relaunch Glass EE brings Google back in the game it kick started -for all intents and purposes- back in 2013, and this time the AR headset finds itself in a battle of the (enterprise) niches.
7 Mar 2017

Development of quantum secured architectures for electric vehicles

The collaboration is intended to enforce the running projects funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia and Russian Science Foundation on low cost quantum electronics solutions for autonomous vehicles in a partnership involving RQC, IPM and I-FEVS.
11 Sep 2013

Roads could power cars across Europe

Electric car development is primarily focused on fuel efficiency, and until recently, researchers have been seeking answers under the bonnet. But a team at KTH Royal Institute of Technology is looking a little lower.
22 Oct 2012

Sol Chip nominated as one of top 60 emerging startups

Sol Chip is has been nominated by EE-Times as one of the top 60 emerging startups.
7 Sep 2012

$18.5 million grant to develop self-powered health devices

Penn State, North Carolina State University, the University of Virginia and Florida International University will collaborate on a national nanotechnology research effort to create self-powered devices to help people monitor their health and understand how the surrounding environment affects it.
6 Jun 2011

New e-mobility event is better for component suppliers

Those making subsystems, components and materials for electric vehicles gain little from meeting only the high profile electric car companies at e-mobility events. The queue is very long to supply these companies and the pricing is often extremely challenging. By contrast, a look at the big picture of electric vehicles by land, water and air reveals a huge number of often highly profitable niche applications.
6 May 2009

Cymbet Corporation wins ACE Award

Cymbet Corporation was recently awarded EE Times' 2009 Annual Creativity in Electronics (ACE) Award for the "Best Enabler for Green Engineering".