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21 May 2020


dpiX is both a manufacturer of x-ray image detectors and a foundry for (primarily) backplanes. It has a Gen 4.5 line spanning 239,000 sq ft, which is the largest outside Asia. It has recently extended its capability to make flexible image sensors using amorphous silicon on flexible polyimide substrates.
29 Apr 2020


Wolfspeed are specialists in GaN on SiC technology across various market verticals. With the increasing market for 5G installations, Wolfspeed are likely to see a big increase in the market for GaN devices.
28 Apr 2020

Elkem Silicones

Elkem provide materials for various components within electric vehicles and their batteries. Elkem Silicones see their silicone products as essential for effective thermal management in future electric vehicles in addition to the ones already on the road.
16 Mar 2020

Automotive Lidar Market: Battlefield of a Hundred Technology Suppliers

The lidar market is very dynamic and some players are making excellent progress towards launching automotive-grade products. Analysts at IDTechEx are tracking more than one hundred companies that develop 3D lidar modules, this article presents insights from their report "Lidar 2020-2030".
11 Mar 2020


PragmatIC manufacture flexible integrated circuits (termed FlexICs) which are targeted first at RFID tags and also other applications that require constrained complexity. Their main selling point is their low cost (< $0.01, depending on complexity and volume), making them an attractive alternative to silicon. PragmatIC have also developed a revolutionary approach to fabrication that, when compared to conventional silicon ICs, requires much less capital expenditure and a design-to-production cycle-time of less than one week.
28 Feb 2020

IDTechEx Attends Autosens: Latest Trends in Automotive Radars, Cameras

IDTechEx attended AutoSens 2019 in Brussels. The event took place at the car museum in Brussels. This event is focused on all future vehicle perception technologies including lidar, radar, and camera. It focuses on the hardware side as well as on the software and data processing side.
14 Feb 2020

Arbe Robotics

Arbe Robotics: high-performance radar with trained deep neutral networks. Radar technology is already used in automotive to enable various ADAS functions. This technology is however changing fast.
10 Feb 2020

Solid-State Automotive Lidar: Commercializing Photonic Beam Steering?

What does it take to commercialize photonic beam steering?
14 Jan 2020

Solid-state automotive lidar: commercializing photonic beam steering

What does it take to commercialize photonic beam steering?
30 Dec 2019

Ahhm Radiant Systems LLC

Ahhm Radiant Systems LLC specialise in roll-bonded aluminium with integrated coolant channels for applications in residential buildings. In the last few years they have become involved in the automotive sector and have an interest in the thermal management of electric vehicles.
23 Dec 2019

Millions With Swallowing Problems Could be Helped with New Wearable

A wearable monitoring device to make treatments easier and more affordable for the millions of people with swallowing disorders is about to be released into the market.
17 Dec 2019

Flexible Integrated Circuits Thinner Than a Human Hair

PragmatIC CEO Scott White talks about the rapid commercial ramp-up of its award-winning RFID product range, as well as the recently launched FlexIC Foundry offering that allows fab-less design of silicon-free chips.
28 Nov 2019


Arbe have developed the Phoenix radar, an ultra high-resolution 4D imaging radar.
18 Nov 2019

Artificial Intelligence to Run the Chemical Factories of the Future

A new proof-of-concept study details how an automated system driven by artificial intelligence can design, build, test and learn complex biochemical pathways to efficiently produce lycopene, a red pigment found in tomatoes and commonly used as a food coloring, opening the door to a wide range of biosynthetic applications.
15 Nov 2019

FlexIC Foundry Enables Custom Flexible Integrated Circuit Design

PragmatIC has developed a unique, patented semiconductor device platform that provides the opportunity to invent entirely new applications for electronics: As well as being ultra-low cost, it is also ultra-thin and flexible, and can be easily combined with other thin film electronic components to create novel solutions.
30 Oct 2019

Graphene Market Research Tipping Point: Part 2

A Discussion With The IDTechEx Research Director. This is the final part of a two-part article written by Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh, a leading industry expert and Research Director at IDTechEx, discussing the global graphene market, more information on the topic can be found in his report "Graphene, 2D Materials and Carbon Nanotubes: Markets, Technologies and Opportunities 2019-2029".
25 Oct 2019

New IDTechEx Research Report: Radars 2020-2030

Radars evolve towards 4D imaging with improved resolution and object detection AIs, surpassing $15Bn as forecast by IDTechEx Research in their latest report on the topic, covering ADAS and autonomous driving, 4D imaging radars, semiconductor technology, low insertion loss materials, advanced packaging, deep learning, object detection/ classification/ tracking.
14 Oct 2019

Camera technology for autonomous mobility (part I)

In this article series we explore various trends in camera hardware technology, primarily focusing on trends that relate to autonomous driving.
14 Oct 2019


Primarily a foundry, smelting and casting company, Pyrotek now produce graphite for Li-ion batteries.
13 Sep 2019


SiLC Technologies offer lidar modules and vision chips based on silicon photonics. IDTechEx interviewed Dr Mehdi Asghari in May 2019. Asghari is the President and CEO of SiLC.