Freescale is a leader in microcontrollers (MCUs) and digital networking processors for the automotive, networking, industrial and consumer markets. Our vast portfolio or products includes 8 and 16-bit MCUs, 32-bit MCUs and processors, analog and power-management, RF and sensing solutions. With our end-to-end portfolio, Freescale is leading the charge to bring the Internet of Things to life. Enabling a new world in which everyday objects connect and cooperate with each other, humans, environments and infrastructures, our IoT solutions reflect a comprehensive and collaborative approach. Whether it's the hardware and software solutions we make, the partnerships we forge, or the expertise we provide, we're turning the Internet of Things into reality.
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30 Apr 2020

NXP Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors produce various semiconductor components across several markets. 5G will be a key enabling technology for them going forward.
4 Jul 2018

Cymbet Corporation

3 Dec 2015

Internet of Things chip as thin as a blade of grass

The device is ideal for applications such as chip-and-PIN credit cards, wearables and consumer electronics, where security and small form factors are essential.
20 Nov 2015

IDTechEx Wearable USA Award Winners Announced

Wearable Technology consists of many new technologies and innovations. At the IDTechEx Wearable USA event, America's largest event on wearable technology held this week on November 18-19 in Santa Clara, awards were given to two companies that have made great achievement. The awards were presented to the winning companies by Henri Richard, SVP Worldwide Commercial Sales & Support at Sandisk, who has previously been SVP for Freescale.
22 Jul 2015

Thread wireless networking protocol now available

The Thread Group has announced the release of Thread, the new IP-based wireless networking protocol designed for low-power connected products in the home.
15 Apr 2015

ZigBee and Thread move towards mesh network interoperability

The ZigBee Alliance and the Thread Group recently announced they are collaborating to enable the ZigBee Cluster Library to run over Thread networks.
20 Nov 2014

Bringing the IoT to Life

Freescale Semiconductor, United States
28 Apr 2014

Internet of Things: The King has no clothes

Some use the term Internet of Things (IoT) to rename a large number of existing topics including the burgeoning world of cellphones, tablets and wearable connected devices, better referred to as the Internet of People (IoP).
14 Jan 2014

Hardware is key for future mobile phones

In this article we share some of the findings in the new IDTechEx report "Future Mobile Phone/Cell Phone Technology and Functions 2014-2024".
21 Nov 2013

Role of converged gateways to manage Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) for IoT Services

Freescale Semiconductor, United States
24 Oct 2013

The rise of thermoelectrics

There has been varying levels of interest in different types of energy harvesters over the past few years. For powering small or mobile devices, photovoltaics dominate - they are widely produced, robust and relatively low cost.
9 Jul 2013

The Role of Sensor Fusion in the Internet of Things (IoT)

Freescale Semiconductor, United States
9 May 2013

Printed electronics in East Asia: change of direction

Variously called Printed, Flexible or Organic Electronics, it is one of the fastest growing technologies in the world. It is of vital interest to industries as diverse as consumer goods, healthcare, mobility, electronics, media and architecture.
24 Apr 2013

IDTechEx's Printed Electronics Europe 2013 Grows by Over 20%

Attendance at last week's Printed Electronics Europe 2013 event grew by over 20%. The highly successful conference and tradeshow, hosted by IDTechEx, covered the broad range of emerging materials and devices, including OLEDs, touch surfaces, TFTs, stretchable and textile electronics, energy generation and much more. Presentations, exhibitors and attendees covered the full supply chain from materials to their final application in verticals such as the media, consumer electronics, the internet of things and even vehicles.
17 Apr 2013

The Role of Sensor Fusion in the Internet of Things (IoT)

Freescale Semiconductor, United States
31 Jan 2013

Industry-standard ultra-low power microcontroller benchmarks

The Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium (EEMBC) has announced its intent to create a standardized, industry-endorsed method to evaluate the energy efficiency of ultra-low power (ULP) microcontrollers.
29 Mar 2012

DecaWave appoints Jim O'Hara Chairman; announces €6M in funding

DecaWave has announced ex-Intel VP Jim O'Hara as Chairman of the company. DecaWave has also announced that it has successfully raised a further funding round of €6m from private investors in the US and Europe. This brings the total invested in DecaWave to €12.4m.
18 Nov 2011

Company selection for consumer-focused smart grid offering

Pecan Street Inc. recently announced the companies that will join it in creating a consumer-focused smart grid built around home applications and consumer electronics.
18 Oct 2011

SunEdison leads development of home solar charging systems for Volt

SunEdison, a subsidiary of MEMC Electronic Materials, Inc, has announced that it has joined the Pecan Street Inc smart grid project. As part of its role, SunEdison will be leading development of the advanced home solar photovoltaic charging systems for Chevrolet Volt electric vehicles.
24 Aug 2011

E-reader sales triple annually

Sriram Peruvemba, Chief Marketing Officer for E ink, reported at a conference last week that E book readers could hit 25 million to 30 million units this year - about three times the number sold in 2010.