Gas Sensing Solutions (GSS)

Gas Sensing Solutions (GSS)

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United Kingdom
GSS produce market leading Carbon Dioxide Sensors, integrating unique mid infra-red light source and detector technology into innovative optics and signal processing.
With applications ranging from Building Controls to industrial safety applications such as Diving Equipment, GSS COZIRâ„¢ sensors' combination of extremely low power consumption and virtually instantaneous warm-up answers directly to the growing demand for sensors which can be integrated into battery or self powered wireless systems and hand held devices, allowing economical real time monitoring of CO2 concentration levels.
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Gas Sensing Solutions (GSS)
17 Jan 2020

100MW of Grid Energy Storage Projects in Northern Ireland

The 100MW of energy storage will comprise two 50MW projects located in Drumkee, County Tyrone and Mullavilly, County Armagh. The two projects, which are currently under construction, are the largest projects to date in Northern Ireland and are expected to derive revenue from the new Irish "Delivering a Secure Sustainable Electricity System" program.
13 Sep 2019

QLM Technology

QLM Technology offer quantum sensors for remote sensing and are developing a lidar module. IDTechEx interviewed Dr Xiao Ai in May 2019. Ai is the Co-Founder and CTO of QLM, and he is based in UK.
13 Jun 2018

Fiber Lasers 2018-2028: Technologies, Opportunities, Markets & Forecasts

IDTechEx Report:
2 Dec 2016

Gas Sensing Solutions (GSS)

Dr David Pugh spoke to Gas Sensing Solutions' CEO Ralph Weir about their latest developments. They integrate unique mid infra-red light source and detector technology into innovative optics and signal processing to produce market leading carbon dioxide sensors.
Included are:
3 Oct 2016


David Pugh interviewed Geoff Henshaw, Founder and CTO, and Cark Beck, VP Commercial of Aeroqual Ltd, a market leader in air quality monitoring solutions.
23 Jul 2016

Cambridge CMOS Sensors

IDTechEx interviewed Jess Brown, Sales & Marketing Director at Cambridge CMOS Sensors, following their acquisition by Austrian sensor company ams announced in June 2016.
20 Nov 2013

UK Sensors expertise featured in mission to Silicon Valley

The Energy Harvesting SIG is in the US this week with a group of UK companies at 'Energy Harvesting and Storage USA.'
1 Oct 2013

Hybrid tactical vehicle targets safety and fuel-efficiency

At the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Centre (TARDEC), final testing is beginning on the ULV vehicle platform with technologies to equip soldiers for missions across a full spectrum of mobility challenges while keeping occupants safe and using fuel efficiently.
26 Apr 2013

Organic photovoltaic solar modules optimised for energy harvesting

Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) technology developer Solar Press is investigating the potential for flexible plastic based OPV modules to be used as a power source for remote, autonomous sensors within buildings - an 'energy harvesting' application.
14 May 2012

SolarPrint to enable next generation self powered wireless sensors

SolarPrint Limited a leading developer of high performance indoor energy harvesting technology today announced that it is to showcase the world's first self powered wireless CO2, Temperature and Humidity sensor using SolarPrint's Dye Sensitised Solar cell ("DSSC") technology as part of a joint collaboration with Analog Devices Incorporated (ADI) and Gas Sensing Solutions Limited (GSS).
10 Jan 2012

EnOcean Alliance members demonstrate advances

This year marks a milestone in the history of the Alliance since there will be three "world's first" product announcements made at AHR.
22 Jun 2011

Self Powered NDIR CO₂ Sensor For High Growth Emerging Markets

Gas Sensing Solutions Ltd, United Kingdom
7 Mar 2011

Showcase of world's first self-powered CO2 sensor at ISH 2011

EnOcean Alliance member Gas Sensing Solutions announces first commercially available wireless CO2 sensor for sustainable buildings.