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9 Aug 2021


DiDi is a Chinese ride-hailing company that has been working on autonomous robotaxis.
10 Dec 2020

Haptics 2021-2031: Technologies, Market & Players

IDTechEx Report: James Hayward
26 Nov 2020

General Vibration - Update

IDTechEx caught up with John Houston, Founder and CEO of General Vibration, about their latest progress. Our conversation came shortly after the launch of the PS5 from Sony and around the time of their filing of another key patent.
10 Jun 2020

Energy Harvesting Microwatt to Gigawatt: Opportunities 2020-2040

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop and Dr Xiaoxi He
12 May 2020

The Hydrogen Economy, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Production Methods

IDTechEx Report:
27 Apr 2020

Energy Harvesting for Electronic Devices 2020-2040

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop, Dr Xiaoxi He and Raghu Das
31 Mar 2020

Mitsubishi Chemical

Mitsubishi Chemical have gone through many restructurings but have a Carbon Fibers & Composite Materials division and remain as one of the main players in the carbon fiber world. They are vertically integrated with both PAN and pitch-based variants (Pyrofil and DIALEAD as respective brand names).
21 Jan 2020

Electric Vehicles in Construction, Agriculture and Mining 2020-2030

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop and Dr Michael Dent
1 Jul 2019

Massive solar storage project for Nevada Desert

NV Energy continues to work toward its long-term goal of serving its customers with 100 percent renewable energy, announcing the addition of nearly 1,200 megawatts of new solar photovoltaic generation to be built in the state, along with 590 megawatts of battery storage.
31 Aug 2017

Deployment of patented rigid sail and solar power system

Aquarius MRE is an advanced integrated system of rigid sails, marine-grade solar panels, energy storage modules and marine computers that will enable ships to tap into renewable energy by harnessing the power provided by the wind and sun.
22 Jul 2015

General Vibration

General Vibration are a small firm that hold design patents around a new type of motor for haptic feedback. Their Gemini drive involves dual motors, which are controlled in a way that allows shorter rise times than normal ERM motors.
16 Jul 2013

Consortium to develop advanced packaging solutions

Reliability and performance issues are technical challenges in packaging solutions for compact sized consumer electronics and high power electronics.
27 Apr 2012

Volvo announces major new orders for hybrid buses

"These orders mark a high level of confidence from a number of our major customers further establishing our market leading position in hybrid technology. The Government's continued support through the Green Bus Fund is welcomed and is a much needed boost to our industry."
7 Oct 2011

Sandia awards for solar glitter, rescue robot & university partnership

Sandia National Laboratories will begin researching how to use glitter-sized photovoltaic cells in utility-scale solar power systems, which eventually could cut the costs of solar panels in half and nearly double their efficiency.
11 Jun 2007

Printed Electronics in India