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12 Feb 2021

Sustainable Alternative Fuels 2021-2031

IDTechEx Report: Dr Alex Holland
2 Dec 2020

Form Energy

Form Energy is an American company, which developed an aqueous-air battery. The battery chemistry has not been publicly disclosed. The company concluded a Series C funding in November 2020 of US$76, among the the investors Bill Gates' Breakthrough Energy Ventures, totalising more than $120m in two years.
11 Aug 2020

Supercapacitor Markets, Technology Roadmap, Opportunities 2021-2041

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop
21 Jun 2019

Energy storage system demonstrates phased increase of renewable energy

Wärtsilä has commissioned its 6 MW / 6 MWh energy management and storage system project for its customer ContourGlobal Bonaire on the Caribbean island of Bonaire.
12 Apr 2013

SolInk to boost performance of solar modules

Sol Voltaics has unveiled SolInk™, an economical nanomaterial that promises to increase the efficiency of crystalline silicon or thin film solar modules by up to 25 percent or more, leading to solar power plants and rooftop solar arrays that will generate far more electricity than today's best commercially available systems.
6 Jun 2011

New e-mobility event is better for component suppliers

Those making subsystems, components and materials for electric vehicles gain little from meeting only the high profile electric car companies at e-mobility events. The queue is very long to supply these companies and the pricing is often extremely challenging. By contrast, a look at the big picture of electric vehicles by land, water and air reveals a huge number of often highly profitable niche applications.
28 Jul 2008

News from SEMICON West and InterSolar North America

IDTechEx report on the SEMICON West event held in San Francisco in mid July - an event with over one thousand exhibitors covering the silicon supply chain.