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16 Jan

Kia Motors Announces Strategy to Transition to EV, Mobility Solutions

Kia Motors Corporation has announced details of 'Plan S' encompassing mobility services and vehicle electrification, connectivity and autonomy.
10 Jan

Uber and Hyundai Announce Aerial Ridesharing Partnership

Uber and Hyundai Motor Company have announced a new partnership to develop Uber Air Taxis for a future aerial ride share network and unveiled a new full-scale aircraft concept.
3 Jan

Hyundai to Operate 44 Electric Vehicles by 2025 Including 11 BEVs

Hyundai Motor Group held its 2020 New Year ceremony at its headquarters in Seoul, outlining its innovation priorities and strategic direction.
20 Dec

Electric Vehicles: A Look Back at 2019

Few of the giant car makers have shown urgency in transitioning away from the internal combustion engine. What's more, the automotive market is set to decline once again in 2019 whilst electrifying newcomers made huge gains in front of sleeping incumbents' noses. Although a large fraction of this is orders (not deliveries), if OEMs do not wake up now, they never will.
18 Dec


Curexo operates in two very different fields: medical and trades. The medical field includes surgical robots, rehabilitation robots, robot supplies and services, and artificial joint supplies (implants). Its trades business include food, food additives and livestock products.
9 Dec

A $250Bn Revolution: Mobile Robots and Autonomous Vehicles in Delivery

Automation in the delivery/logistic and warehousing/fulfilment chain is a growing market. A particularly exciting subset of this is the use of mobile robots, drones, and autonomous vehicles for automation of movement-based tasks.
9 Dec

Hyundai Motor Unveils Electrification Roadmap to 2025

Under the new roadmap, named Strategy 2025, the company will foster Smart Mobility Device and Smart Mobility Service as two core business pillars, and the synergy between the two pillars is expected to facilitate the company's transition into a Smart Mobility Solution Provider.
5 Dec


Curexo specialises in the development of medical robots.
29 Nov


IDTechEx met with Sensuron In November 2019. Sensuron are a company that specialise in distributed fiber optic sensing. This is for a few applications, most notably being structural health monitoring.
26 Nov

IDTechEx Explains Significance of Driving Tesla and Squad Solar

It is happening rapidly now. The startups Sono Motors and Lightyear announced solar family cars available next year. They have solar bodies rather than the useless scrap of solar roof seen on other cars. That means many owners will never plug in. They do not have the acceleration of a Tesla, but Lightyear cheekily points out that its Lightyear One will go 740 km faster than any Tesla because the Tesla would have to stop and plug in.
22 Nov

Hyundai Mobis

Hyundai Mobis gave an overview of some of their recent developments and their technology road map for the next few years at the IDTechEX Show in Santa Clara 2019.
14 Nov

Hyundai Demonstrates Successful Truck Platooning

Hyundai Motor Company successfully conducted the company's first platooning of trailer trucks on the Yeoju Smart Highway replicating real-world traffic conditions.
1 Nov

Looxid Labs

IDTechEx interviewed Sophie Kyounghee Son, Project Manager at Looxid Labs at their booth at AWE EU 2019.
1 Nov

Solar Cars at $15 billion - Just the Beginning

Solar vehicle bodywork has just progressed from curiosity to key enabling technology. The new 180-page IDTechEx report, "Solar Cars, Buses, Trucks, Trains 2020-2030" explains why and forecasts the next ten years with solar cars at $15 billion 2030 just a beginning.
25 Oct

Race for 1000 km Electric Vehicles

Range sells electric cars. Long range ones sell in 100 times the numbers and have three times the resale value. In this article Dr Peter Harrop discusses the future of electric vehicles capable of 1000km range.
23 Oct

First machine learning based smart cruise control

Hyundai Motor Group announced the development of the world's first Machine Learning based Smart Cruise Control, a technology that incorporates the driver's patterns into its self-driving behavior, creating a custom experience for the driver.
18 Oct

Rivian Overblown?

Those desperate to invest in "The next Tesla" continue to pile into start-up Rivian, the latest $350 million coming from a media company. That takes investment up to the $2 billion level familiar at Tesla.
16 Oct

Die Attach Materials for Power Electronics in Electric Vehicles

New IDTechEx Research report investigates the market for various die and substrate attach materials used in power electronics in various electric vehicles. It provides a comprehensive view of the industry trends, looking at the trends driving the adoption of higher performance die-attach materials.
14 Oct

Hyundai is pushing infrastructure-based autonomous driving

The Hyundai IONIQ is already a world-first, as it offers drivers a choice of three electrified powertrains in one bodytype. Now, Hyundai is using it to test Level 4 autonomous driving technologies on European roads.
3 Oct

Hyundai launches joint venture for hydrogen trucks in Europe

Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility , the joint venture between Hyundai Motor Company and H2 Energy, forged a partnership with Hydrospider, a joint venture of H2Energy, Alpiq and Linde to promote a green hydrogen ecosystem in Switzerland and European countries.