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Transparent Silver Inks, developed by InkTec with patented technology, are Ag-based conducting inks suitable to RFID Tag, PCB, reflective film, display, and EMI shielding, etc. Differently from other prior conductive inks based on nano-technology, InkTec inks are purely transparent silver inks which are not formulated by particle structure. The inks are stable even in long-term storage and applicable to various substrates because they enable ink sintering in low temperature for conductive trace.
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InkTec Co., Ltd
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InkTec Co., Ltd

InkTec was formed in 1992. It has 375 staff, of which 80 are involved in R&D. The company had annual sales last years of $74.8million and is a publicly listed company. The company is very active in printed electronics, offering a variety of conductive inks as well as printing services.
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