Integrated Deposition Solutions

Integrated Deposition Solutions

IDS, Inc. (Integrated Deposition Solutions, Inc.) a small business located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, established in 2013. IDS has licensed an aerosol-based Additive Manufacturing technology from Sandia National Laboratories (SNL License # CO2686; U.S. Patent 6,348,687) and adapted the technology for Direct-Write Electronic (DWE) printing. The aerosol-based technology called, Nanojet (formerly MycroJet).
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Integrated Deposition Solutions
11 Dec 2023


28 Nov 2023

Integrated Deposition Solutions

Integrated Deposition Solutions supply aerosol print technology (marketed as NanoJet) for printed electronics applications. Their high-definition aerosol print systems are suitable for integration with a variety of motion platforms, and are growing in serving microelectronics, biomedical, and industrial segments.
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28 May 2020

Integrated Deposition Solutions

Integrated Deposition Solutions produce aerosol print systems (termed 'nanojet'), offering both complete printers and print systems for integration into larger installations.
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26 May 2020


18 May 2020


28 Feb 2019

Aerosol-based additive manufacturing technology

Integrated Deposition Solutions discuss their aerosol-based technology: Nanojet
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