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Integration Technology

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Founded in 2000 UK based Integration Technology Limited designs and produces high intensity UV light engines for a blue chip OEM customer base traditionally in the inkjet printing markets.
Integration Technology has a global presence with regional offices in UK, USA, South Korea and China, and supports Japan through two distributors.
Recent expansion of the European sales team is enabling lateral diversification into other high tech market sectors and this will be primarily driven by the companies range of advanced semiconductor based UV LED products. Ongoing development since 2003 has resulted in state of the art systems enabling new and exciting applications.
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Integration Technology
7 Jun 2023

GCL Perovskite

GCL Perovskite is a company focusing on perovskite solar cells R&D, production and sales.
22 Dec 2022

Taiyo Ink: 5G Materials

Taiyo Ink MFG Co., Ltd. are a manufacturer of solder resist and dielectric materials based in Japan. IDTechEx spoke with Taiyo Ink on their dielectric material products for 5G applications.
16 Dec 2022

Semiconductor Photonic Integrated Circuits 2023-2033

IDTechEx Report:
13 Jul 2022

ASE — Advanced Semiconductor Packaging

A comprehensive overview of advanced packaging technologies and business strategies in ASE.
29 Mar 2022

Handheld Surgical Robot Can Help Stem Fatal Blood Loss

The Artificial Intelligence-Guided Ultrasound Intervention Device (AI-GUIDE) is a handheld platform technology that has the potential to help personnel with simple training to quickly install a catheter into a common femoral vessel, enabling rapid treatment at the point of injury.
28 Nov 2020

HongKong Beida Jade Bird Display Ltd.

Jade Bird Display (JBD) is a start-up founded in 2015 and headquartered in Hong Kong. Its core technology is the monochromatic micro-displays, enabled by wafer-level mass manufacturable approach of monolithic hybrid integration of ┬ÁLED arrays on Si ICs.
20 Oct 2020

IKEA Australia Clean Energy Transformation Project

Construction set to commence on Australia's largest grid-connected commercial microgrid of its kind by Planet Ark Power at IKEA Adelaide.
6 Mar 2019

Innovative electric car features full-surface solar integration

Sono Motors unveiled the first images of the Sion's series design as part of a broad online release. The focus was placed on the full-surface incorporation of solar modules into the bodywork - one of the vehicle's unique features that have influenced its design.
5 Oct 2016

Job-sharing with nursing robot

Given the aging of the population and the low birthrate both in Japan and elsewhere, healthcare professionals are in short supply and unevenly distributed, giving rise to a need for alternatives to humans for performing simple tasks.
28 Apr 2015

Making LED-illuminated advertisements light and flexible

VTT is involved in a European project, developing novel LED advertising displays, which combine thin, lightweight and bendable structures with advanced optical quality.
12 Feb 2014

The tipping point

2014 has only just begun and already discussions abound on how a "tipping point" has been reached in the field of printed and flexible electronics, a statement mostly backed by the significant interest and accompanying investment by LG and Samsung into the commercialisation of flexible displays.
26 Jul 2013

Integration Technology Ltd wins Product Development Award

New product launches for 2013 from Integration Technology Ltd (ITL) have won the UK-based UV curing pioneer the Product Development Award at this year's Printed Electronics Asia show and conference.
10 Jul 2013

Why we Choose UV Curing?

Integration Technology Japan, Japan
10 Jul 2013

Printed Electronics Asia 2013, Tokyo, Japan impressions and Awards

Some of the highlights at this year's Printed Electronics event, organized by IDTechEx in Tokyo, Japan, are discussed in this article, focusing on the keynotes on the first day of the conference, which was attended by approximately 250 people.
1 Mar 2013

Ubiquity or obsolescence: how is E Ink's success story going to end?

Looking back at last year, it looks like 2012 was a tipping point for the e-reader market. Kindles and the likes were overshadowed by new models of tablet computers, resulting in a shift in consumer spending towards the tablets. But e-readers are still hugely popular, not least because of their long battery life and their low price. Since the holiday season, the must-have new feature has been the frontlight that enables reading in the dark, such as in the new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. But take a closer look at this new generation of e-readers and you will find something striking: all of them use the same E Ink Pearl display, a technology that was released more than two years ago.
3 Oct 2012

Why we choose UV curing?

Integration Technology Japan, Japan
12 Jun 2012

Tohoku University and imec partner on research and collaboration

Tohoku University and imec have signed a collaboration agreement in the presence of his Royal Highness Prince Philip of Belgium during the Belgian economic mission to Japan.
4 Apr 2012

Novel Methods for UV Curing in Electronic Assembly and Printed Electronics Applications

Integration Technology, United Kingdom
21 Mar 2012

New: The printed electronics manufacturing forum

Printed electronics manufacturing is becoming increasingly integrated as companies work on putting together different printing, lamination, substrate handling, curing and finishing processes.
1 Dec 2011

Integration Technology, United States