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LG Display

LG Display Co., Ltd., is the world's leading and most innovative display company, beginning development of TFT-LCDs in 1987 and starting mass production at facility 'P1' in 1995. LG Display produces displays for diverse applications such as TV, IT, mobile, commercial and automotive. LG Display is also a world leader in OELD lighting. The company executes continuous R&D and investment in next- generation displays. Headquartered in Seoul, Korea, LG Display operates production plants and sales/marketing offices worldwide. The company aims to achieve customer satisfaction based on innovative technology and marketing capability.
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LG Display
2 Sep 2020

Amber Molecular

Amber Molecular Inc. is an early stage Canadian company that is focusing on fluorescent materials for red and orange OLEDs. These are designed to be paired with TADF materials to increase the electrical efficiency, lower the manufacturing costs, and widen the color gamut, of OLED devices. The company's commercialization strategy applies their significant synthetic flexibility to value-added strategic partnerships with TADF companies and OLED manufacturers.
25 Aug 2020

Transparent OLEDs for Subway Train Windows

LG Display has provided the world's first transparent OLED displays for subway train windows in the Chinese cities of Beijing and Shenzhen.
19 Aug 2020


10 Aug 2020


31 Jul 2020

MicroLED Displays: Getting Ready for the Future?

MicroLED, believed by many to be the next generation of display technology, has been pursued by players of LED, display, OEM, materials and so on. Differentiated from LCD and OLED, microLED is considered to be the only display technology that has no size limitation. What are the potential applications?
28 Feb 2020


Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh visited OLEDWorks in Aachen, North Germany, to meet with Dr Wolfgang Goergen, Managing Director of the OLEDWorks GmbH. OLEDWorks is the last man standing in the field of OLED lighting production.
24 Jan 2020


Samsung is a leader in production of QD displays.
7 Jan 2020

LG Reveals OLED Innovations

The company will introduce how advanced display products can be applied to people's everyday lives in various settings such as in airplanes, automobiles, homes, hotels, offices, and commercial spaces.
14 May 2019

OLED materials innovator CYNORA secures US$25M in first closing

Marking the initial closing of its Series C funding round, CYNORA has secured US$25M in financing from investors in Asia, Europe and the US. Germany-based CYNORA is an emerging materials leader with a novel technology to produce ultra-high-efficiency emitter systems required for next-generation Organic Light Emitting Diode displays.
5 Nov 2018

Quantum dots: overview of 25 companies

In this presentation, we provide an update on various companies active in the quantum dot (QD) business.
26 Jun 2018

QD display updates from SID 2018: quantum dots

In this article we provide a detailed review of the latest progress in quantum dot (QD) technology reported at the SID conference in California, USA.
10 Jan 2018

The world's first 65-inch UHD rollable OLED display

LG Display will showcase the world's first 65-inch UHD rollable OLED display that prove its global leadership in all areas of displays in Las Vegas.
4 Jan 2018

LG Display unveils world's first 88-inch 8K OLED display

LG Display has developed the world's first 88-inch 8K OLED display.
29 Dec 2017

LG Display's massive surge in OLED light panel production

LG Display announced that the company started mass production at its new Gen 5 OLED light panel production line in Gumi, Korea and launched its new OLED light brand, Luflex.
26 Sep 2017

LG and Samsung invest €25 million in CYNORA

CYNORA, a leading provider of highly efficient organic emitter materials for OLEDs, announced that the two Korean tech giants have decided to support CYNORA on its way to becoming a major player for OLED emitting materials.
30 Dec 2016

Business Center for European Companies Opens in Korea

The Gyeonggi-do Europe Business Center has been established in Korea to help European companies enter the Korean market.
29 Jul 2016

LG Display invests in flexible OLED display production line

LG Display, the world's leading innovator of display technologies, has announced that it will invest KRW1.99 trillion in a new 6th generation (1,500mm x 1,850mm) flexible OLED display production line in Paju, South Korea,
25 May 2016

Plastic and flexible OLED displays market to reach $18bn by 2020

IDTechEx Research has just released new forecasts for the OLED display market.
11 May 2016

IDTechEx Show! Berlin grows 27%

IDTechEx Research announced today that Europe's largest event on emerging technologies, IDTechEx Show! held in Berlin on 27-28 April, grew 27% vs. last year's event. This year's exhibition and conference featured attendees from 57 countries with 171 exhibitors and 2,300 attendees.
22 Apr 2016

Europe's most important event on emerging technologies opens next week

To date, attendee registrations are up by 17% and exhibiting organizations are up by 27% on last year.