National Information Society Agency

National Information Society Agency

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National Information Society Agency (NIA)
In a world of newly emerging knowledge and informatization paradigms,
NIA continues to be the definitive expert agency charged with a central role in the informationzation of the nation and society
Since its establishment in 1987, NIA sowed the first seeds in an information barren land starting with the construction of the National Basic Systems (NBIS) and has for the past 18 years, continued in its efforts to solidify the foundation upon which Korea could transform itself into a nation strong in knowledge and information it has become today. As the agency responsible for the overall implementation and support of the information of the national and society, NIA building upon the knowledge and expertise accumulated over the years, will continue to spare no efforts in bringing new opportunities and possibilities offered by information technology to the nation and society by providing optimal methodologies and solutions to national agencies, local autonomies and public enterprises.
¡ Mission
œ Providing expertise in developing and implementing the National Framework Plan on informatization Promotion
œ Managing & operating information networks of public organizations
œ Supporting Information communication standardization and developing/ maintaining information systems for inter-agency information sharing
œ Supporting information resource management in the public sector
œ Supporting management of national knowledge & information resources
œ Supporting supervision, standardization and evaluation of public informatization business
œ Providing IT consulting services to developing nations
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National Information Society Agency
7 Dec 2007

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Korea's Ubiquitous Sensor Network(USN) field test result and forecast

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