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2 Aug

Switching to Biobased Plastics: Why So Slow?

Global awareness of climate change and pollution is increasing, but finding ways to halt our dependence on fossil fuels and plastics is proving extremely difficult. One possible solution is to shift away from petrochemicals towards a biobased feedstock to make plastics, but how realistic is this proposal? IDTechEx uncovers the factors influencing adoption of biobased polymers in their report, "Biobased Polymers 2018-2023: A Technology and Market Perspective".
2 Jul

NatureWorks LLC

NatureWorks is the world leading producer of Ingeo PLA. IDTechEx Technology Analyst Dr Bryony Core shares some insights into their latest technology and business overview.
Included are:
2 Jul


28 Mar

NatureWorks develops new Ingeo PLA Formulation for 3D Printing

NatureWorks Develops New Ingeo PLA Formulation for 3D Printing Break-Away Support on Dual Extrusion Printers.
19 Dec

The Most Significant Material Science News of 2018

Advancements in material science and material processing will always play a central role in any technological progression. IDTechEx has been providing leading market analysis on a broad range of advanced materials and their technology analysts have given their pick of the key news stories from 2018.
24 Jul

Biobased Polymers 2018-2023

IDTechEx Report: Dr Bryony Core
2 Mar

PLA formulation for 3D filament offers heat and impact resistance

NatureWorks has introduced Ingeo™ 3D870, a new cost-effective grade for 3D filament manufacturers looking for innovative means of expanding sales into the industrial prototyping and additive manufacturing market.
18 Dec

Lubricated 3D printing filament motorised spool holder

Big spools of filament have many advantages such as reduced frequency of changing the spool and ensuring that big prints are always completed successfully.
17 Jul

TLC Korea

TLC Korea are one of the main suppliers of 3D printing thermoplastic filaments to the Korean market.