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With over 4.5 billion RFID-based chips sold to date, NXP Semiconductors is the world's leader in the design and manufacturing of ICs used in smart labels, tags and the corresponding reader components. The company has been in RFID since 1988; its most comprehensive IC portfolio (HITAG, ICODE, UCODE, reader IC's for LF and HF) covers all relevant RFID frequency bands and meets corresponding ISO/EPC standards. The NXP Application and System Centres in Austria and China improve the performance and reliability of existing RFID systems by thoroughly testing applications under real-life conditions for various industries.
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12 Jun 2020

Ampleon: Portfolio for 5G

Ampleon provide a wide portfolio of products for the RF industry. Recently at the Reality 2020 online symposium (11/06/20) Ampleon showcased their portfolio of products for macrocell to picocell 5G base stations in the sub-6 GHz and mmWave frequency range.
20 May 2020


Delektre is a Finnish company founded in 2010. The technology was originally developed for University Vaasa and University Hospital of Tempere, using a camera system to measure multiple signals.
30 Apr 2020

NXP Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors produce various semiconductor components across several markets. 5G will be a key enabling technology for them going forward.
18 Mar 2020

mm-wave 5G: beam forming technologies, architectures, and ICs

The shift to 5G is motivated by the access to the higher bandwidths, lower latencies, and higher data rates which are available at higher frequencies. This shift has already begun although the current and near-term phase is about the adoption of sub-6GHz 5G.
21 Feb 2020

Avery Dennison Invests in new Factory in Brazil

Avery Dennison is gearing up for future growth of RFID technology, improving the efficiency of processes and the relationship between brands. Just months after signing a deal to acquire Smartrac's transponder division, the Company announced the location of its next RFID manufacturing facility, its first in Brazil and fifth in the world.
7 Feb 2020

American Semiconductor Inc

American Semiconductor is a company based in Idaho, USA that has developed a process for thinning silicon chips and packaging them within a polymer. This enables flexible, durable silicon ICs, offering processing capability with a flexible form factor.
21 Nov 2019

Zigbee Alliance Augments its Green Power Program

The Zigbee Alliance announced new branding and certification measures centered around its existing Green Power feature, which is based on energy-harvesting technology and part of the flagship Zigbee PRO standard.
25 Oct 2019

New IDTechEx Research Report: Radars 2020-2030

Radars evolve towards 4D imaging with improved resolution and object detection AIs, surpassing $15Bn as forecast by IDTechEx Research in their latest report on the topic, covering ADAS and autonomous driving, 4D imaging radars, semiconductor technology, low insertion loss materials, advanced packaging, deep learning, object detection/ classification/ tracking.
15 Aug 2018

Enfucell Flexible Electronics

Enfucell Flexible Electronics Ltd., established in 2010, is working on the printed paper battery and corresponding applications.
4 Jul 2018

Cymbet Corporation

29 May 2017

European collaboration include everyday items in Internet of Things

The Necomada consortium has announced that it will be addressing the material challenges associated with the Internet of Things, to allow for the integration of electronics into a wide range of everyday items.
19 May 2017

Powercast's multi-sensor RFID tags boast 10 meter read range

Powercast Corporation has announced the industry's first RFID Sensor Tags which can include multiple sensors in a single tag, and provide the industry's longest read range of 10 meters, or 32 feet.
20 May 2016

ZigBee Alliance welcomes 38 new members to drive IoT forward

The ZigBee Alliance, a non-profit association of companies creating, maintaining and delivering open, global standards for the low-power wireless Internet of Things, has announced 38 new members have joined since the beginning of 2016.
13 Apr 2016

Amotech - Offerings for Wearable Devices

IDTechEx met with Brian Lee and Won-Bok Cho from Amotech in Seoul, Korea, in April 2016. During this meeting we discussed Amotech's offerings for the wearable technology industry, including their wireless power transfer solutions, connectivity, protection products and new developments around sensors and flexible batteries.
16 Dec 2015

GaN Systems wins coveted 2015 Global Semiconductor Award

GaN Systems, the leading manufacturer of gallium nitride power transistors, has won the coveted Global Semiconductor Alliance 2015 "Start-Up to Watch" award.
17 Sep 2015

From RFID to smart home, China is following the world's trend

IDTechEx attended the 2015 Shenzhen International Internet of Things Expo (IOTE) in August.
22 Aug 2015


8 Jul 2015


Infratab is a privately held company founded in 2002 and headquartered in Oxnard, CA, USA, with offices in Bangalore, India and Dublin, Ireland. The company makes and sells semi-active RFID sensors and software based on Infratab Freshtime technology platform which simply and securely monitors, tracks, traces and communicates a perishable's condition throughout the supply chain.
26 Jun 2015

Quad Industries

Quad Industries are a small electronics contract manufacturer based in Europe. They have completed a variety of projects around the printed electronics space, including manufacturing NXP/Enfucell's temperature sensor logger, integrating Aito's haptic touch technology and printing onto textiles for an insole pressure sensor application.
18 Jun 2015

The intelligent traffic light

The first intelligent traffic light for the port of Hamburg that optimizes the flow of truck traffic and guides drivers through the increasingly heavily used port more quickly and safely.