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21 Sep

World's largest deal for driverless grocery deliveries

The agreement, which will see udelv supply supermarkets like Uptown Grocery, Buy For Less, Buy For Less Super Mercado and Smart Saver with an initial 10 customized cargo vans to service online deliveries in the OKC metro area, is the largest ADV deal in the world to date.
11 Aug

Intel to build a fleet of 100 self-driving cars

With the completion of the tender offer of Mobileye, Intel is poised to accelerate its autonomous driving business from car-to-cloud.
12 Jul

Amber, the Dutch self driving startup

Amber, a Dutch self-driving startup, has stated that it would be the first in the world to deploy self-driving cars on a large scale.
28 Apr

Elaphe presents leading in-wheel technology

As in-wheel motors are becoming an increasingly hot topic, Elaphe introduced its leading in-wheel technology to local and international automotive audience at the 2017 Shanghai motor show.
10 Apr

Highlights from WCX17

IDTechEx analyst Dr David Pugh attended the recent SAE world congress (WCX) in Detroit, Michigan. In this article he reports on how the automotive industry is embracing technology.
30 Dec

WiTricity working with GM to test wireless EV charging system

WiTricity announced it is working with General Motors to test an advanced wireless charging system prototype for electric vehicles.
25 Oct

Defiant Electric Roadster receives expo sponsorship from IDTechEx

DTechEx announced that Shockwave Motors was selected to receive a generous show sponsorship for the International Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing Expo.
6 Jan

2D Islands in graphene hold promise for future device fabrication

In what could prove to be a significant advance in the fabrication of graphene-based nanodevices, a team of Berkeley Lab researchers has discovered a new mechanism for assembling two-dimensional (2D) molecular "islands" that could be used to modify graphene at the nanometer scale.
2 Sep

Myths dispelled concerning 48-Volt standard

There are many myths about the move to higher voltage with conventional internal combustion engine on-road vehicles. Here we dispel some of them.
4 Aug

Wireless Charging: Insights from EV Roadmap 8 Oregon

There was a question and answer session "Wireless Charging: Emerging Business Models" at EV Roadmap8 Portland Oregon USA 30 July 2015.The panel consisted of Jeremy McCool of Hevo Power, which retrofits wireless charging, Jeff Muhs of WiTricity with key patents and Wesley Smith of WAVE installing large vehicle solutions. They also talked to IDTechEx afterwards.
24 Feb

CPT sees rapidly growing interest in 48V mild hybrid technology

Environmental award winner Controlled Power Technologies witnessed more interest in 48V mild hybrid vehicles when it recently showcased its switched-reluctance (SR) motor-generator technology in Los Angeles.
17 Apr

The automotive sector strengthens adoption of supercapacitors

Overall, 2014 is expected to be a great year for the supercapacitor industry. Based on 2013 industry results, IDTechEx confirms its outlook for a 30% CAGR External Link in the next 10 years. The supercapacitor market will reach a value of $6 billion in 2024.
14 Mar

What you will learn at Supercapacitors Europe 2014

IDTechEx's Supercapacitor Europe 2014 conference is bringing the best of supercapacitor developments in the region and internationally to Berlin on 1-2 April.
11 Mar

Supercapacitors Outlook 2014 - Overall a great year for the industry

6 Dec

Findings at Supercapacitors USA 2013

This third edition of IDTechEx's Supercapacitors event was held in Santa Clara, California on 20-21 November.
1 Nov

Supercapacitors USA 2013

There are just three weeks left until IDTechEx's Supercapacitors USA event in Santa Clara California, on November 20-21.
10 Dec

Patent for inductive parking bumper to charge EVs recently filed

Car Charging Group a provider of convenient electric vehicle charging services announced the filing of a utility patent application for an inductive EV charging station in the form of a parking bumper.
2 Mar

The Dilemma of Fast Charging of Electric Vehicles

Many companies now offer fast chargers for on-road vehicles though very few have been installed. For instance, Japan has only installed 80 across the whole country.
16 Feb

Wireless power could revolutionize highway transportation

A Stanford University research team has designed a high-efficiency charging system that uses magnetic fields to wirelessly transmit large electric currents between metal coils placed several feet apart.
19 Jan

Flextech Alliance welcomes new governing board members

Industry veterans bring specialized expertise in business development and emerging applications to the alliance.