Solidscape®, Inc., a subsidiary of Stratasys Ltd, is changing the way parts are made, with a simple click ... one industry at a time. Founded in 1994, Solidscape is an innovative pioneer in the 3D printing industry and has the largest installed base of high-precision 3D printers for manufacturing wax patterns operating in over 80 countries. Solidscape's high-precision 3D printers for manufacturing leverage the combination of precision- printing technology (5,000 x 5,000 x 8,000 dpi in xyz) and material properties (100% castable) producing wax patterns ideal for lost wax investment casting and mold making applications that set the industry's standards for surface finish, accuracy and material castability.
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24 Jul 2020

3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing 2020-2030: COVID Edition

IDTechEx Report: Dr Jonathan Harrop, Dr Richard Collins and Dr Ivan De Backer
5 Sep 2019

3D Printing Composites 2020-2030: Technology and Market Analysis

IDTechEx Report: Dr Bryony Core and Dr Richard Collins
11 Apr 2019

3D Printing Materials 2019-2029: Technology and Market Analysis

IDTechEx Report: Dr Bryony Core
12 Oct 2018

3D Printing in the Medical and Dental Industry 2019 - 2029

IDTechEx Report: Dr Bryony Core and Dr Nadia Tsao
21 Jun 2018

Additive Manufacturing and Lightweight Materials for Aerospace and Defense 2018-2028

IDTechEx Report: Dr Richard Collins and Dr Bryony Core
3 Nov 2017

3D Printing Software 2018-2028: Technology and Market Analysis

IDTechEx Report: Dr Bryony Core
27 Mar 2015

Product Development Technology - You Can't be a One-Trick Pony

Develop3d LIVE: a Product Development Technology conference at Warwick Arts Centre, on the University of Warwick campus, in the UK.
30 Dec 2014

Review of 3D Printing in 2014 and the outlook for 2015

2014 has been a big year for 3D printing. Even established 3D printing companies have been posting huge growth. Both Stratasys and Arcam, with their vastly different technologies, are expected to report year-on-year growth of 57% this year. This steep upward trend in 3D printer sales is reflected in IDTechEx forecasts in 3D Printing 2015-2025: Technologies, Markets, Players. This article review all the major events and developments in 2014 and will give the IDTechEx view on the outlook for 2015.
19 Nov 2014

Beyond the Hype: Delivering the Promise of 3D across Multiple Industries

Solidscape, United States
10 Nov 2014

Beijing Tiertime Technology Co Ltd

Tiertime was formerly known as Beijing Yinhua Laser Rapid Prototyping and Mould Technology Co., Ltd., a company created by a Tsinghua Professor Yan Yongnian, who is recognized as the first person to explore 3D printing in China. Tiertime is currently the single largest manufacturer of 3D printers in China,
29 Oct 2014

The graphene industry finds new market opportunities in California

The 5th IDTechEx conference and tradeshow on graphene and 2D materials- Graphene and 2D Materials LIVE! - has become the annual meeting place for the global graphene industry in California.
23 Oct 2014

3D printing industry will reach over $14B by 2025

The latest forecasts by IDTechEx, including ten key markets, show the 3D Printing Industry will reach over $14B by 2025.
6 Dec 2013

Stratasys Ltd.

IDTechEx have updated their profile of Stratasys, following the release of its surprising 2015 financial results.
18 Nov 2013

Argen Corporation

16 Aug 2013

Cookson Precious Metals

11 Jul 2013


This profile details the strategy employed by Solidscape, a Stratasys company, and the target markets the company is focused on. It unique technology offering is described and analysed in the context of global market trends for 3D printing. The company faces a number of immediate threats from competitors however and these are presented.
Included are: