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16 Dec 2020

Transparent Electronics Materials, Markets 2021-2041

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop, Dr Xiaoxi He, Dr Richard Collins, Dr Matthew Dyson, Raghu Das and Luke Gear
19 Nov 2020

Fluoropolymer Markets in Electrics, Electronics 2021-2041

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop and Dr James Edmondson
16 Sep 2020

Carbon Nanotubes 2021-2031: Market, Technology, Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Richard Collins
14 Feb 2019

Transparent Conductive Films and Materials 2019-2029: Forecasts, Technologies, Players

IDTechEx Report: Raghu Das
21 Dec 2018

Piezoelectric Harvesting and Sensing for Healthcare 2019-2029

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop and Dr Richard Collins
30 Nov 2018

Piezoelectric Harvesting and Sensing 2019-2039

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop and Dr Richard Collins
2 Oct 2018

Stretchable and Conformal Electronics 2019-2029

IDTechEx Report: James Hayward and Dr Xiaoxi He
23 Jun 2017

Perovskite Photovoltaics 2018-2028

IDTechEx Report: Dr Xiaoxi He
2 Jul 2015

Micro-supercapacitor structure inspired by intricate design of leaves

Chemical batteries store a lot of energy but require a long period of time for that energy to charge and discharge plus have a limited lifespan. Capacitors charge quickly but cannot store enough charge to work for long enough to be practical.
15 Jun 2015

Light-powered healing of a wearable electrical conductor

Mechanical failure along a conductive pathway can cause the unexpected shutdown of electronic devices, ultimately limiting device lifetimes.
13 Mar 2015

Energy-generating cloth could replace batteries in wearable devices

Scientists report the first durable, flexible cloth that harnesses human motion to generate energy.
6 Mar 2015

2015 FLEXTECH Conference

March 5, 2015 - San Jose, Calif. - 2015FLEX, the Flexible & Printed Electronics Conference & Exhibition, successfully revealed the market pull for flexible electronics through keynote plenaries and focused technical sessions, while exhibits on the show floor attracted numerous end users. Held on February 23-26, 2015 - and for the first time at the Monterey, Calif. Conference Center - 580+ registrants saw first-hand demonstrations of end products, as well as new manufacturing tools and materials. The Flex Conference is sponsored annually by FlexTech Alliance.
1 Oct 2014

Graphene-based energy storage device research

An international research group recently reported successful fabrication of stretchable and transparent supercapacitors based on graphene films.
25 Apr 2014

Groundbreaking method to commercialize new material for electronics

Samsung Electronics announced a breakthrough synthesis method to speed the commercialization of graphene, a unique material ideally suited for electronic devices.
29 Nov 2012

Graphene Square

30 Sep 2011

Charging mobile phones with talking

Researchers, led by Dr. Sang-Woo Kim at the Institute of Nanotechnology at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, South Korea have been investigating ways to scavenge energy from the environment. The team looked at generating power from sound including speech, music or noise.
12 Nov 2010

Energy harvesting laptops

Energy harvesting for the office is becoming a reality and this month Logitech has introduced the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 - the company's first light-powered keyboard.
6 Sep 2010

Printed electronics without borders

Printed Electronics are being developed by over 3,000 companies, universities and research institutes worldwide - although a significant percentage of these developers are located in countries such as the USA, Germany, Japan and South Korea, there's a lot of research effort in other countries.
7 Jul 2010

New method surpasses today's semiconductor industry requirements

Thinnest, smoothest metallic lines speed up miniaturisation of electronic devices
26 Aug 2008

Alternative displays

Single-wall carbon nanotube (CNT) thin-film transistors (TFTs) are now possible for flexible displays and electronics.