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Terepac Corporation is a microelectronics design and manufacturing company which offers a unique, revolutionary and proprietary set of technologies which enable products to be small, thin, flexible and inexpensive; realizing the vision of pervasive electronics inherent in the Internet of Things. The process takes bare silicon wafers from state of the art foundries, divides them into chips which are barely visible, places and connects them on paper-thin substrates in micromodules with the physical format of a label, which can conform to curved surfaces and be almost unnoticeable while retaining unsurpass¬ed electrical characteristics, including low power and high reliability
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10 Aug 2020


Terecirucits has developed a photo-polymer mass transfer process, which can pickup and selectively place small SMD components such as micro-LEDs. IDTechEx spoke to Wayne Rickard from Terecircuits at SID Display Week 2020.
21 Nov 2013

Flexible Silicon for the Internet of Things

Terepac Corp.Canada
23 Oct 2013

Germany Trade & Invest

Germany Trade and Invest is a government organisation under the German ministry of economics and technology. Germany Trade & Invest is a foreign trade and inward investment agency. The organization provides close-to-market information to international companies looking to enter German markets. Germany Trade & Invest also supports international companies from market entry to business start-up in Germany.
15 Jun 2012

Terepac produce large volumes of micro circuits for Internet of Things

Canadian company Terepac plan to produce large volumes of its micro circuits for the "Internet of Things" — uniquely identifiable objects and their virtual representations in an Internet-like structure using radio frequency identification (RFID).
12 Jun 2012

Terepac Corporation engages with Rockwell Automation

Terepac Corporation Engages with Rockwell Automation to Deliver Micro Circuits and Support "Internet of Things."
2 Nov 2009

Terepac partnership on low-cost flexible electronics packaging

Terepac Corporation and IMEC announced their collaboration on novel packaging technologies for flexible electronics.
3 Sep 2009

Terepac begins pilot production of printed silicon integrated circuits

Terepac scientists have developed a novel and extremely powerful approach for handling micro-thin, small form factor ICs such as those desired for RFID.
3 Dec 2008

Printing Silicon Integrated Circuits

Terepac, Canada