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Toyota Motor Corporation
5 Apr 2024

Toyota: PEM Electrolyzer

Toyota Motor Corporation showcased its proton exchange membrane electrolyzer (PEMEL) plant concept at the H2 & FC Expo, Smart Energy Week 2024 in Tokyo, Japan. The company will manufacture PEMEL plants in collaboration with Chiyoda Corporation.
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3 Aug 2021

Hydrogen Engine-Equipped Corolla to Enter Super Taikyu Race

Toyota Motor Corporation will enter a vehicle equipped with a developmental hydrogen-powered engine at the five-hour-long Super Taikyu Race in Autopolis. The hydrogen engine is being developed as part of Toyota's efforts to realize a carbon-neutral mobility society.
28 May 2020

Toyota (2020)

Senior Technology Analyst Luke Gear provides an overview of the latest electric vehicle developments from Toyota. Where is the company headed?
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20 Nov 2019

Toyota: Silicon Photonic Chip for Lidar

Toyota Motor Corporation are developing lidar technology.
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22 Jul 2019

Toyota (2019)

Dr Peter Harrop explores Toyota's progress with pure electric vehicles in 2019.
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22 Nov 2017

Toyota Central Research & Development Laboratories, Inc.

Toyota recently announced being in the final stages of development of a functioning all-solid-state battery for electric vehicles. Energy density is supposed to be 400 Wh/L (300 Wh/kg) at pack level.
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6 May 2015


In 2013, SolidEnergy formed a partnership with the newly formed A123 Venture Technologies to leverage its state-of-the-art facilities to accelerate commercialization. It ended in 2016.