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University of British Columbia
25 Sep

DIY ultrasound for the future

Engineers at the University of British Columbia have developed a new ultrasound transducer, or probe, that could dramatically lower the cost of ultrasound scanners to as little as $100. Their patent-pending innovation—no bigger than a Band-Aid—is portable, wearable and can be powered by a smartphone.
20 Sep

Not too wet, not too dry: plasma-treated fuel cell gets it just right

Fuel cells hold promise as a clean, renewable source of energy. But keeping them dry has long been a challenge, as they produce water during the process of converting hydrogen and oxygen into electricity.
11 Jul

Bacteria-powered solar cell converts light to energy when overcast

Researchers have found a cheap, sustainable way to build a solar cell using bacteria that convert light to energy. Their cell generated a current stronger than any previously recorded from such a device, and worked as efficiently in dim light as in bright light.
15 Mar

New method to create self-tinting windows

Researchers have developed a simple, cost-effective technique for making smart windows that could lead the way for wide-scale adoption of this energy-saving technology.
13 Mar

3D Bioprinting 2018 - 2028: Technologies, Markets, Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Dr Nadia Tsao
9 Mar

3D printed tissues could advance cancer research

Researchers hope to make advances in tissue replacement and cancer research through a new technology that can produce living, 3D printed bio-tissues.
27 Feb

Non-Toxic Materials for Electronics/ Electrics: Large Emerging Markets 2018-2028

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop and Dr Lorenzo Grande
15 Dec

Micro EVs, e-Bikes, e Scooters, e Motorbikes, Mobility for Disabled 2018-2028

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop
16 Nov

IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA 2017 Award Winners

At the 14th IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA conference and exhibition held in Santa Clara on November 15-16, four organizations were honored for their great achievements in developing and commercializing printed electronics technologies.
10 Nov

Tissue Engineering 2018-2028: Technologies, Markets, Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Dr Nadia Tsao
6 Oct

Better, cheaper bio-ink may be used to create artificial organs

Investigating gelatin-based hydrogel for regenerative medicine.
19 Apr

Aspect Biosystems

IDTechEx analyst Nadia Tsao interviewed Aspect Biosystems' Tamer Mohamed and Thomas Lum on 16 June, 2017. Aspect Biosystems is a Canadian 3D bioprinting company developing a proprietary lab-on-a-printer technology.
29 Mar

Flexible sensor holds potential for foldable touch screens

Picture a tablet that you can fold into the size of a phone and put away in your pocket, or an artificial skin that can sense your body's movements and vital signs. A new, inexpensive sensor could help make advanced devices like these a reality.
18 Apr

Safer 3D printed medical products

A chemical compound developed by researchers makes it possible to create biological tissue with a light projector you can buy at Walmart.
17 Feb

Clearinks Displays

Clearinks Displays is a reflective display technology supplier. It was re-founded in 2012 to commercialize its version of electrophoretic display technology. Its key claimed selling points over standard electroscopic technology are its video (60s per second) and full colour capabilities. The company has raised $10m to commercialize this technology and is therefore running a lean and capital-light operation.
17 Sep

First superconducting graphene created

Physicists have been able to create the first ever superconducting graphene sample by coating it with lithium atoms.
20 Jul

Atomic scale 3D printing

Researcher aims to launch a new paradigm of 3D printing at the atomic scale at the University of British Columbia
8 Jul

Tiny wires could provide a big energy boost

Researchers have found a promising new approach to delivering the short but intense bursts of power needed by such small devices.
30 Mar

Desktop recycler that turns pop bottles into 3D printer plastic

Engineering physics students have developed a desktop plastic recycler and extruder that turns plastic waste into the material needed for 3D printing.
24 Feb

A more efficient bio-battery

Scientists are working across disciplines to develop a new generation of solar cells. Their inspiration? Mother nature.