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Terasaki Group belongs to the Department of Applied Physics, Waseda University, Tokyo. They are interested in the physical properties of strongly correlated electron systems, which are often seen in transition-metal oxides and organic conductors. In a strongly correlated system, conduction electrons affect with each other through the strong Coulomb repulsion, and move together in a "correlated" manner. As a result, a conventional band picture is seriously broken down, and new phenomena can arise beyond the prediction of a band theory. They are studying large thermopower in cobalt oxides and giant nonlinear conduction in organic conductors.
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Waseda University
12 Aug 2019

Electric Vehicle Research at Advanced Materials Osaka July 2019

Here we give the abstracts relevant to electric vehicles from BIT Advanced Materials Conference Osaka Japan July 2019. The organisers failed to provide slides but we have photographs of some of these if you are interested. The selected abstracts are divided into energy storage, wide bandgap semiconductors, energy harvesting and other.
18 Dec 2018

Electric Buses: 10 Seconds at Depot, No Charging On Journey?

Cities are increasingly crowded: real estate is in short supply. Servicing buses needs to be as infrequent as possible and that means having the simplest powertrain, which is the pure electric vehicle.
18 Sep 2018

Bioadhesive, wirelessly-powered implant emitting light to kill cancer

Scientists have developed a new bioadhesive, wirelessly-powered light-emitting device which could better treat cancers in delicate organs.
26 Feb 2018

Robotic crystals that walk n' roll

Scientists may have come a step closer to innovating soft robots to care for people. Its material, however, is something you may have never expected.
15 Mar 2017

Dramatic improvement in 3D printing for home use

Researchers have developed a process to dramatically improve the quality of 3D printed resin products. The process combines greatly improved surface texture and higher structural rigidity with lower cost, less complexity, safer use of solvent chemicals and elimination of troublesome waste dust.
25 Feb 2015

Diamond transistor expected to reduce energy consumption in cars

A research group has developed a highly efficient transistor used to reduce energy consumption in electric automobiles and trains.
8 Oct 2014

Award winning 2-in-1 motor for electric cars

cientists from Nanyang Technological University and German Aerospace Centre have invented a 2-in-1 electric motor which increases the range of electric vehicles.
15 Oct 2012

Supercapacitors can take market share from lithium batteries

This article shares some of the research carried out for the new IDTechEx report, "Batteries and Supercapacitors for Smart Portable Devices 2013-2023: Markets, Technologies, Companies"
8 Feb 2012

Thin film transistor technology is moving fast

IDTechEx summarises the latest work on thin film transistors.
3 Jun 2009

New focus for printed electronics

In the last year, the burgeoning printed and thin film electronics industry has greatly enhanced its repertoire and changed its priorities, encompassing such things as rapid commercialisation of disposable and invisible electronics.
3 Apr 2009

Energy harvesting without batteries

Usually, dispensing with any form of battery can give even longer life, lower cost, smaller size, greater reliability, convenience, labour saving and reduced environmental problems.
8 Oct 2008

Flexible Organic Batteries

Waseda University, Japan
30 Sep 2008

Large niche markets for printed electronics

Printed Electronics Asia 2008 is open to 100 attendees from European and American companies only, with an unlimited number of Asian companies attending, which ensures you gain maximum networking benefits from your attendance at this select event.
3 Jun 2008

All eyes on printed electronics

Analysts see printed electronics rising exponentially to around $300 billion in twenty years' time, with demand for conductive inks alone reaching several billion dollars yearly five years from now.
11 Oct 2007

Digital Fabrication / Non Impact Printing Conference - Alaska Day 5

Alan Hodgson follows up with his third report on the Digital Fabrication conference held in Alaska, 16-21 September 2007
10 Sep 2007

Organic thyristor: a novel approach to electronics devices

Waseda University, Japan
11 Jul 2007

The Market for Organic and Printed Electronics

Based on the latest research by IDTechEx, reported in the new report Organic & Printed Electronics Forecasts, Players & Opportunities 2007-2027, the market for printed and thin film electronics will be $1.18 billion in 2007. IDTechEx forecast the market growing to $5.06 billion by 2011, and $48.18 billion in 2027.
24 May 2007

Printed Electronics - the Big Picture

Most of the thousand or more participants in printed electronics are attempting incremental improvements to existing products and missing the big picture...
18 May 2007

New Laminar Batteries