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Xennia has a broad range of capability in inkjet technology applicable to printed electronics. Xennia is a leading developer and supplier of inks and processes including conductive, resistive, semiconductor, electrochromic, etch resist, colour filter and OLED inks. Xennia is also able to supply robust industrial inkjet modules and systems for production applications, and can support inkjet development programmes by supplying development tools and printing systems.
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14 Mar 2011

Xennia and Ynvisible sign partnership agreement

Xennia Technology Ltd has signed a partnership deal with Ynvisible of Lisbon (Portugal), a company dedicated to the R&D and commercialisation of interactive printed displays. The collective goal is to optimise inks used for the industrial printing of electrochromic displays.
14 Apr 2010

Inkjet Printing of Printed Electronics Materials

Xennia Technology Ltd, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
14 Jul 2008

UK Chemical Sector Initiative - part two

It was noted in the Council for Science and Technology Review that Plastic Electronics is a high risk / high reward priority technology area. The academic structure is well established in OLED, PLED, OSC materials and deposition methods with £20M / yr funding from Research Councils (EPSRC).
3 Apr 2007

Europe Takes Leadership in Printed Electronics

Surprisingly, Europe has been pulling ahead of the rest of the world in many aspects of printed and potentially printed electronics just lately. Learn more in this article.
7 Nov 2005

IMI Printable Electronics Conference report

Part 1
13 Jul 2005

New Center for Plastic Electronics

20 Apr 2005

The role of inkjet in the future of printed electronics

Xennia Technology, United Kingdom
11 Feb 2005

Printed Electronics: Get the full picture

Europe's largest gathering of experts
2 Nov 2004

Inkjet Printing Electronics

5 Oct 2004

Highlights from the Printed Electronics Conference

London, September 2004