Smart Labels Asia 2003

Conferences - Smart Labels Asia 2003

29 - 31 October 2003

Chairman's Introduction It is my great pleasure to invite you to our inaugural Smart Labels Asia conference focusing on radio frequency identification (RFID) applications and technologies. This is an important new technology - we believe the global RFID market will be worth $5 Billion by 2007 - and it is growing fast. We look forward to companies such as Tesco, Maruetsu and Procter & Gamble discussing the revolutionary changes RFID will bring to their supply chains. British Airways, Sony and others will cover how RFID is penetrating all areas of transport. We have also got speakers from other key industries including healthcare, recycling, personal identification, warehousing, and archiving, all of whom stand to benefit from this technology. We are providing a workshop which will give you the chance to hear from independent experts and learn about all aspects of RFID and the exciting new field of Smart Packaging. I hope that this event will serve you as a key chance to learn and discuss ways in which RFID can transform your business. I look forward to meeting you in Tokyo. Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman, IDTechEx Topics covered include: * User experiences and needs * RFID case studies in retail - In Asia, Europe and USA * RFID case studies in transport, amusement, logistics, industry etc * Tag technologies - chip and chipless * State of the art reader and system technology * Smart Packaging * Thin film technologies (e.g. organic electronics) * Battery technologies * Privacy and future challenges
29 October 2003: Optional workshop session All workshop attendees receive some free access to our independent web journals, a printed AND electronic copy of presentations given, white papers, actual demonstrations and samples. PLUS: Handle and study a full range of RFID tag samples not available elsewhere The optional workshop is aimed at educating delegates about the wide range of RFID and smart packaging technologies and products available, the pros and cons of these devices, market trends and strategies, what companies are winning the race and lessons to be learnt from others. The workshop is intended for audience participation and discussion, and with experts present it is an ideal time to discuss and explain your needs or problems. They are effectively consultancy sessions. Experiences can be shared. 09:30- 15:00 RFID Smart Labels & Smart Packaging * Pros & cons of chip and chipless tag technologies and their applications * Market forecasts and trends * Examples of RFID being used, how many have been sold, and into which markets * New potential applications and advice on entry to market * The Internet of Things: challenges, product design and opportunities * "Magic" inks, non electronic & electronic laminates for brand enhancement & diagnostics * The significance of transparent polymer electronics * The exploding market for indicating food doneness, pathogens, temperature, humidity, risk of sunburn and many other excursions * Intelligent packaging * Future trends with disposable timers, voice chips, electronic medical patches, radios, cellphones and others * Workshop materials include slides on disk and samples * Hear about new inventions not covered in the conference, and examine many different tag samples * Workshop materials include over 80 slides on disk and some samples to take away **Attendees to this workshop also receive an extra 6 months access to the independent IDTechEx RFID journal Smart Labels Analyst AND Smart Packaging Journal, worth $640 In depth knowledge and experience from Asia: * IDTechEx have extensively visited Asia to interview companies and visit other shows to learn the latest information there. This has been exclusively covered in our web journals. Download a free copy here (PDF 500K). * With the change in UHF power laws in Japan, and the adoption of RFID in transport, libraries, for logistics, animal tagging and much more, the matter has received much excitement.