Smart Labels USA 2003

Conferences - Smart Labels USA 2003

25 - 26 March 2003

An IDTechEx conference on RFID and Beyond: Smart labels, tickets, cards & source tagging Read the conference review here 25-26 March 2003 (Optional workshops 24,27) Marriott by MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA The conference and "Meet the Experts" dinner venue is the Marriott by MIT, MA, USA "Once again, another excellent conference; it was time well spent" -- Rick Garber, Colder Products, USA. This conference is the largest smart labels conference in the world. Smart Labels cover a huge spectrum of radically fast developing technologies and applications. In 2005 the global radio frequency identification (RFID) market is expected to be $5 billion (Source: IDTechEx Market Research) with exponential growth and use thereafter. The uses of the technology and their impact are tremendous - from improving supply chain efficiencies by a factor of ten to creating secure and more efficient airports, manufacturing and archiving. Beyond identification only, RFID is being combined with sensors to monitor the condition and status of items, and enables new markets and consumer benefits. Smart Labels USA 2003 focuses on all these topics with users' perspectives and experiences, case studies, technologies, challenges and the future. The industry is now gearing up with large orders beginning to be placed; this is the ideal event to attend for industry intelligence, technology knowledge and networking. "A very educating and informative conference" -- Ninfa Wilde, Thomson, USA. Hosted wholly by IDTechEx, organisers of the World's largest conferences on smart labels and independent RFID consultants. We have put together a line up of speakers you cannot afford to miss.