Graphene LIVE! USA set to become largest graphene tradeshow

Graphene LIVE! USA set to become largest graphene tradeshow
Graphene LIVE! ( will take place on 20-21 November 2013 at Santa Clara, California. Graphene LIVE! will be co-located along side our following tradeshows and conferences: Printed Electronics, Supercapacitors, and Energy Harvesting and Storage ( IDTechEx is anticipating 1,800 attendees and 150 + exhibitors at this event.

A business-driven event

IDTechEx conferences are business-driven with a strong emphasis on the end user pull. This clearly distinguishes the IDTechEx event series on graphene from other academic-focused ones. Our attendees stem from +30 countries around the globe and are predominately business development managers and other key decision makers, as shown in the chart below.
Attendees by job title. Source: IDTechEx
All graphene players will find ample opportunity, regardless of their value chain position. Indeed, end users, new comers, suppliers and investors will also enormously benefit.


Graphene material and equipment suppliers will benefit from immediate access to several key target markets including printed electronics (e.g., graphene inks in a variety of applications), supercapacitors (e.g., graphene electrodes), transparent conductors and OLEDs (e.g., graphene sheets).
Graphene suppliers that have so far committed to exhibiting include Grafoid, Bluestone Global Tech, Cambridge Graphene Platform, Vorbeck Materials, Durham Graphene Science, XG Sciences, Graphenea, Graphene Laboratories, Incubation Alliance, Evans Analytical Group, Asbury Carbons, CVD Equipment Corporation, and 2D Tech. Many more exhibitors will shortly be announced.

Prospective end users and investors

Competitive environment
IDTechEx seeks to create a competitive environment where different technologies can be readily assessed and benchmarked. For example, prospective users of graphene as a transparent conductor will have the opportunity to learn and evaluate first-hand, on the tradeshow floor, the latest progress with graphene' s technological competitors, including silver nanowires, carbon nanotubes, PEDOT and metal mesh.
Or prospective users of graphene as an ink will also hear and see the latest progress with silver and copper flake and nano inks, which compete with graphene inks. This enables prospective end users and investors to evaluate different technological options and network with key suppliers.
World-class lecture series
Prospective graphene users and investors will also benefit from leading lectures giving the latest developments and insights across graphene and all its related fields. Our handpicked speaker line-up so far includes Grafiod, Cambridge Graphene Platform, Bluestone Global Tech, Momentive Performance Materials, Cabot Corporation, AZ Electronic Materials, Vorbeck Materials, Xolve, XG Sciences, Graphene Frontiers, Graphene Technologies, Graphene Laboratories, Graphensic, Canatu, NanoIntegris, National Renewable Energy and 2D Tech. IDTechEx will soon be also announcing further key end users and academics on the speaker programme.
It is noted that our attendees will benefit from lectures on other allied topics such as printed electronics, OLEDs, and supercapacitors. Examples of companies presenting include P&G, Oxylane, Colgate-Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson, NASA, Bayer, Nissha, Agfa, Total, DuPont, Heraeus, 3M, Corning, SCHOTT, Boeing, Konica Minolta, Panasonic, etc. For a full agenda please visit External Link
Fresh to graphene?
New comers to the field of graphene will also benefit from a thorough education, starting from our master classes ( on the topic which discuss the technology and markets behind graphene and carbon nanotubes. The masterclasses will be accompanied by tours of local firms and research institutes
The new comers will also be able to attend our tradeshow floor tours which provide a brief introduction to different technologies. They can see many working products on the tradeshow floor, prototypes in the Demonstration Street ( and production equipment at work in the Manufacturing Street ( They will also benefit from excellent lectures covering graphene and related fields, both from technology and a market prospective.