Highlights at Printed Electronics USA 2005

Highlights at Printed Electronics USA 2005
The second annual Printed Electronics USA conference - likely to be the largest on the topic this year - will cover a range of new developments and world first announcements. Every delegate will receive a fully printed RFID tag, based on research by Swedish firm Acreo and co-funded by conference organisers, IDTechEx.
This event covers all the technology types - from power to logic and memory to displays, their materials and how they are made, and most importantly, their application and how to make money now.
The conference will be held in Naples, Florida, USA on December 7-8, 2005.

Selected highlights

Here is just a small selection of highlights that will be covered at the event:
  • Thin Film Electronics will cover their development of printed memory.
  • Thin Battery Technologies will introduce their new printed battery technology. TBT has established volume manufacturing, and the market is ripe for thin/flexible/safe/disposable power solutions
  • BASF has been working to apply mass printing processes to the fabrication of organic transistor circuits. Hear their results
  • Georgia Technology Institute will show how it is using printed photovoltaics to power RFID tags
  • Panipol have already commercialized simple printed memory and circuits for throwaway games on packaging
  • AVESO will announce their work with ultra low cost electrochromic displays

Speakers at Printed Electronics USA 2005

IDTechEx have compiled the agenda based on the latest progress in the industry and many of the presenters will be announcing new developments for the first time.
For the latest speaker list and further information on this programme please visit the conference website www.printelec.com External Link
For articles on printed electronics and associated technologies please contact Chris Clare on +44 (0)1223 813703 or email c.clare@idtechex.com