IDTechEx Release New Global eVTOL Aircraft Market Report

IDTechEx Release New Global eVTOL Aircraft Market Report
This report is intended to help companies understand the exciting emerging urban air mobility (UAM) market. Comprehensive analysis is included, from an assessment of the pros and cons of the different electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft design architectures, through to more nuanced detail on opportunities in key enabling technologies, such as aviation grade batteries, advanced electric motors and propulsion systems, composite materials and eVTOL ground infrastructure.
Along with information and insight into the eVTOL air taxi market, this report contains IDTechEx's 20-year outlook for eVTOL air taxi sales, market revenue, battery demand and battery market revenue. IDTechEx research reveals the market for eVTOL air taxis will grow to just under US$20 billion by 2044.
Although "flying taxis" are not yet part of our daily lives, the technology is advancing, regulators are developing certification pathways, and the public is intrigued. Many of the world's largest aerospace and automotive companies are ramping up their interest in eVTOL aircraft, recognising it as a potentially disruptive new transport mode.
This IDTechEx report consolidates some of the most interesting research from the past few years, focusing on the core challenges and opportunities in this emerging industry.
The report addresses key aspects including:
  • Distributed electric propulsion and the various eVTOL architectures possible
  • Analysis of multicopter eVTOL trips and faster vectored thrust eVTOL to ground based taxi service
  • TCO analysis based on autonomous/non-autonomous operations and average trip lengths
  • eVTOL battery requirements including suppliers
  • eVTOL motors and powertrains
  • Composite materials for eVTOL
  • eVTOL infrastructure requirements: vertiports and charging standards
  • eVTOL regulation and certification landscape
  • Hybrid and fuel cell eVTOLs
  • 20-year outlook for eVTOL air taxis: Unit sales by economy wealth, battery demand (GWh), Market revenue (US$)
The report Table of Contents includes:
  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Aerospace Suppliers eVTOL Aircraft Activity
  • Journey Use-cases & Optimization: Where eVTOL has an Advantage
  • IDTechEx Cost Analysis
  • eVTOL Architectures
  • Programs Supporting eVTOL Development
  • OEM Market Players
  • Batteries for eVTOL
  • Charging Standards for eVTOL
  • Fuel Cell eVTOL
  • Hybrid eVTOL
  • Electric Motors
  • Composite Materials & Lightweighting
  • Regulation
  • Vertiport Infrastructure for eVTOL
  • Forecasts
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