IDTechEx reveals multi-billion dollar market for electric motorcycles

IDTechEx reveals multi-billion dollar market for electric motorcycles
Savvy participants in the electric vehicles business see beyond the obvious e-bikes, e-cars and e-buses where little money is made. The other half of the value market is where most of the profits will be made and it is replete with new sub-markets coming from nowhere. They are tracked by the uniquely detailed analysis and forecasting of IDTechEx which currently covers 37 categories of electric vehicle land, water and air - a number that increases every year as significant new markets kick in.
The big stories this year are car-like MicroEVs, the first category to be aimed primarily at emerging nations, and electric motorcycles including e-maxi scooters and three wheel motorcycles.
IDTechEx uniquely analyses these sectors in its new report, Electric Motorcycles and Three Wheel Electric Vehicles 2015-2025. The report reveals a market value of over $12 billion for electric motorcycles including e-scooters and maxi scooters in 2025 - a market nearly 5 times greater than that for e-bikes with pedals.
Electric motor cycles and three wheelers are smaller businesses in volume but are often capable of generating higher percentage profits. The same is true of those making components and systems. In the large sectors they find it hard to make a living in fast growing niches where small to medium sized businesses are able to prosper.
Yamaha and BMW are entering this business in 2015. Harley Davidson is getting opinions on its prototype but it is small companies like leader Zero Motorcycles and Brammo that are landing most of the orders, demonstrating impressive innovation and going global with them. They are something of a one way bet because either a giant buys them in order to catch up or they do a Tesla and get big by organic growth. Then there are the Chinese innovating with impressive maxi-scooters and motorcycles "at one third of the price". That grows the market rather than eliminates competition - look at what happened with conventional motorcycles.
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