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15 May 2023

Electric Vehicles in Construction 2023-2043

IDTechEx Report: Dr James Jeffs
24 Feb 2023

Second-life Electric Vehicle Batteries 2023-2033

IDTechEx Report: Conrad Nichols
5 Apr 2022

Ørsted, ATP and Partners Present Concept for North Sea Energy Island

The North Sea Energy Island consists of a small artificial island, which can be expanded with flexible modules that can be added and replaced as required. The modules are built onshore and connected to the North Sea Energy Island, meaning that the island can easily be upgraded to accommodate more than the 10 GW of offshore wind power that is Denmark's current ambition.
13 Mar 2020

MOA Between Drone Volt and Hydro-Quebec

Drone Volt and Hydro-Qu├ębec have signed a memorandum of understanding to reach an agreement on the exclusive industrial development and marketing of a drone designed to inspect high-voltage power transmission lines.
9 Jan 2018

Roads Generate Electricity for Even the Toughest Tasks

A solar roof on a road will make twice as much electricity per unit area compared to a solar road and be more easily upgraded to affordable higher efficiency PV as it becomes available.
13 Sep 2017

Make Electricity Where You Need It

While grid load from electric vehicles is expected to rise in the near future. Engineers are already looking for solutions to make electric vehicles function independently of the grid.
28 Jan 2016

Solar roads find many uses

Installing photovoltaics in roads seems a daft idea at first. It sounds expensive and unlikely to work unless cleaned, free of snow and ice and in direct sunlight - all too infrequent in most places. Indeed, roads are constantly dug up by utilities, repairmen and others. How do you do that with sheets of glass?
3 Apr 2015

France's first 'Internet-of-Things' network based on LoRa technology

For 16 months, Bouygues Telecom, its international partners and several major industrial customers have been testing LoRa technology and assessing its performance in real-life conditions.
27 Sep 2012

Upcoming highlights at Energy Harvesting and WSN USA 2012

Working on developing prototypes and innovative products incorporating wireless sensor and energy harvesting technologies, presentations from electronics giant Intel and innovative start-up NovioTech will excite attendees with their proposed solutions to achieve optimized power consumption performance characteristics.
28 May 2009

Contactless Cards and Payments - The Impact of Regulation and Risk

Join industry experts at SMi's leading conference Contactless Cards and Payments - The Impact of Regulation and Risk